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To-Do list supports the GTD method.   Demo ($19.99)
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EasyTask Manager is a To-Do list that supports the GTD (Getting Things Done) method. Take control of your life by knowing exactly what's on your To-Do list for the day and what you need to do next in order to move your projects forward. It includes an Online Sync letting you access your tasks online or with the free iPhone application.

You can order tasks or actions by project or context. A context is the place or toolset that you need in order to finish a task or action. For example: Are you sitting at your computer wondering what it was you needed to do? With EasyTask just look
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Version 2.6.1L: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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Anastasio reviewed on 25 May 2012
I purchased this application in 2008, used it for some time and was happy with it.
And then I wanted 'something different'; not because I didn't like Easytask anymore, but just for love of change. I tried a host of other similar applications, many of them more expensive than ET, and even purchased some of them (OmniFocus, Contactizer Pro, Pagico, Taskpaper). But every time after some months or so I came back to ET, and forgot about the others.
And now I have finally understood that ET is simply the GTD application that suits me best. It's stable, it has a very clear interface and a nice set of features, and it's very easy to use, . Does one need more? Others do perhaps, but personally I don't.
[Version 2.6.1L]



Jadder reviewed on 05 Mar 2011
I so wanted to like this because I wanted cross platform support between my Mac at home and PC at work and my iPhone. But tasks just tend to disappear, poof! without any rhyme or reason. Completely unreliable and because one uses a task program to help organize one's life, this program hinders rather than helps. Appears to be abandonware since it hasn't been updated in so long.
[Version 2.6.1L]


Harpo64 reviewed on 29 Sep 2010
I really wanted to like this program, even paid for it once I hit the free version's limit on number of tasks. The setup is the most like iGTD, which was the free program I used to use before the developer was hired by the maker of Things and iGTD was eliminated. I like the interface and ease of use, and don't need to pay $50 - $70 for a task manager.

But after I paid and started using the program full bore the bugs started showing up. I already knew that syncing, especially with iDevices, didn't really work well; stuff appears and disappears seemingly randomly. But the program itself on one computer doesn't work properly.

Clicking on an item to mark it as done often makes other items next to it be marked as completed, and then I have to try and figure out what was incorrectly marked. They don't show up under Completed; whether they are marked Recurring or not I can usually find the incorrectly marked items under Next 7 Days. And Undo doesn't work for checked off tasks.

The program fails to accurately keep track of days and move items to the correct category. I have several Overdue items that show up in the Next 7 Days view, but don't appear in the Past Due folder. Bugs like this are rampant, making the program somewhere between extremely difficult to use and useless for trying to keep track of my tasks. I'm spending more time trying to figure out what the program has messed up than viewing my tasks and getting things done.

And to top it all off, the developer is completely unresponsive. I have sent e-mails using the contact form on their site, the only contact method I can see, and have heard nothing.

Stay Away!
[Version 2.6.1L]


scottgsmith62 commented on 23 Jun 2009
This review is really about the company itself, and how they support the user community.
At first I was very excited about the application because of the cross-platform nature of the product; being able to keep my work PC and my home Mac in sync was very attractive.
However, it became obvious that the company did not intend to keep the two applications in sync; in fact, from the time that I bought the application a few years ago until now, the Windows version and the Mac version have NEVER been in sync.
Requests for changes to the application to get them in sync have only been met with whining about how there is only guy to do the coding.
...hate to sound cold, but that really isn't my problem. If I purchased the application in good faith, I expect good service and prompt attention to questions and concerns about the product, instead of continued excuses.
I have moved on to ProNotes (http://www.softraph.com/); application is in sync across platforms and the developer is very quick to respond, and handles all of my task related needs.
[Version 2.5]


Bummer reviewed on 16 Dec 2008
It's a great start, and I hope that my $20 will help fund the next level of development, but it is almost not usable in its current state. When I set it to Online Sync, the tasks show up and then disappear when I click on a task. I have to sync again to get it to do anything. Also, how do I color-code my tasks like the picture on the website? I don't know, because the Help feature can't find the word "color" anywhere.

I paid the $20 because I like the potential of this product and I know that software development doesn't fund itself, but I will not be able to use this version of ETM for everything that I need.
[Version 2.1]

ah1 commented on 15 Mar 2007
I reported a bug which consistently crashes the programme - add and then delete a category under Calendar. This is the reply - "Currently creating categories under Calendar is not supported. Future
updates will include this option." So they are going to leave the bug in place. They will not be getting my money.
[Version 1.8.2]

phil91 commented on 17 Sep 2006
I am surprised with only two and half stars ETM quotation. I have bought ETM and use it for a few days. Before ETM I have tried 3 basic To Do lists and 2 GTD tasks managers. Yes, there are some improvements to do (for example undated tasks that appear as Today tasks in iCal). But I think ETM is a fine soft, very simple to use, it seems stable. Developer seems to fix bugs quickly and try to improve his soft with users comments.
[Version 1.6.6]

2 Replies

Orionbelt.com Llc (developer) replied on 18 Sep 2006
Thanks Phil. It seems some users give very low star ratings because they don't agree with the way the program does specific things. I agree with you that there are improvements to be made. I'm currently working on them.

Thank You!

Llscotts replied on 05 Dec 2006
Then why didn't you give it a star rating you think it deserves?

AlanR commented on 08 Sep 2006
It would be nice to have more details on the...

* New and improved User Interface
* Various minor bug fixes

so we don't have to search them out ourselves. There are no release notes in the download from here or the download from the full download site.
[Version 1.6.5]

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MacUpdate-Lon commented on 08 Sep 2006
Then you should contact the developer directly, rather than posting here. We here at MacUpdate only have the info that the developer supplies.
illy13 commented on 08 Sep 2006
I have never used a program so helpful as this one, great application and great customer support.
Thank you for you quick responds on all the questions I have had this as made it even more easier to use the program.
"Keep up the good work"
[Version 1.6.5]



AlanR reviewed on 16 Jul 2006
I have to agree with a poster below who says this is not 1.0 level at this stage, it's more like a beta.

I've paid the $20 and I've used it for some weeks now. I like the concept but this app needs a lot of work.

Here are some issues.

* Collapse the ToolBar and watch what happens to the Info drawer

* Buttons need keyboard shortcuts

* Drop and Drag doesn't work

* You can't permanently re-order columns any changes are lost on quitting.

* Copy and Paste does not work within text fields!!

* Sorting on Task column non functional

* No auto (or even manual) refresh. To move tasks from one day to another you must click to a different day and back

* There are most likely other issues I've forgotten to include

If you want to see the "Getting Things Done" concept executed well try the OmniOutliner Pro+KinkLess GTD integration. ( http://kinkless.com/ ) It's a nearly perfect integration with iCal.

You may own a copy of OmniOuliner as part of the S/W bundle which comes with Macs. Then the upgrade to the Pro version is $30, only $10 more than EasyTask.

I'd love to see EasyTask improved to the point where it's more usable, it's a good concept, but there are many basic things to be fixed. I've waited to see if improvements were forthcoming before posting this review.
[Version 1.6]

6 Replies

Orionbelt.com Llc (developer) replied on 19 Jul 2006

Thank you for your input and comments. I'll try to address most of the problems/bugs on the next update. Some comments on 2 of the items:

> * Buttons need keyboard shortcuts

Most actions are mapped to keyboard shortcuts. For example:

Command-N Adds new task
Command-E Edits a task
Command-K Completes a task
Command-P Prints

> * Drag and Drop doesn't work.

You can drag tasks into the outline to assign a Project/Context/Cal. What do you mean by D&D doesn't work?


AlanR replied on 19 Jul 2006
You can drag tasks into the outline to assign a Project/Context/Cal. What do you mean by D&D doesn't work?

I'd like to be able to Drag and Drop tasks to a different day. Let's say I've not completed all of today's tasks for some reason. I'd like to move them to the next day or a following day with drag and drop. Now I have to edit the Cal Date, do a save, click to a different day then back to see the remaining tasks, it should auto refresh.

I find editing much easier and more convenient in the info drawer. (It would also be nice if the info drawer could be made wider.)

I've defined keyboard macros (QuicKeys) to pop open or close the drawer (the More Info button, Command I) and a Save Key (Command S - duh!) to save the changes.
Orionbelt.com Llc (developer) replied on 19 Jul 2006
Keyboard shorcuts: you have a point :-)

I'll get it fixed.

Orionbelt.com Llc (developer) replied on 27 Jul 2006
Some of the above problems have been fixed:

Keyboard shortcuts (command-i to open drawer and command-s to save changes)

Copy and paste between fields

Drag and Drop (table will auto refresh after dragging)

Added sorting by Task


AlanR replied on 27 Jul 2006
Usability is much improved, the ability to drag projects from one calendar day to a different is a big time saver.

The advantage of the EasyTask concept for me is the simplicity. I don't manage large projects involving many people. I just need to maintain a list of tasks which may or may not reach completion on a given day and get the ones not relevant to today or tomorrow out of view for the time being.

Most of the other project or task management applications are far too complicated for my needs. I don't need progress bars and so on, they're not relevant to my work and simply add noise to the views.

None of the others I've looked at (a lot) offer the possibility to view a single day's tasks alone. Start with today's view and do what you can. Some tasks reach completion and some are rescheduled for various reasons. Other apps always seem to display all tasks or projects at once and don't lend themselves to helping one focus on the ones that most need attention today.

There are some other minor tweaks which need attention but I'll email my notes to the developer.
Orionbelt.com Llc (developer) replied on 27 Jul 2006
Glad you like it Alan! Will be waiting for your notes.

That's exactly the mindset I was looking for when I wrote ET. Something very simple. Keep track of what needs to be done without taking too much time to setup or maintain.

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

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Date:13 Oct 2009
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Price: $19.99
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EasyTask Manager is a To-Do list that supports the GTD (Getting Things Done) method. Take control of your life by knowing exactly what's on your To-Do list for the day and what you need to do next in order to move your projects forward. It includes an Online Sync letting you access your tasks online or with the free iPhone application.

You can order tasks or actions by project or context. A context is the place or toolset that you need in order to finish a task or action. For example: Are you sitting at your computer wondering what it was you needed to do? With EasyTask just look at the "Computer" context to see all the things in your To-Do list that you can accomplish while sitting at your computer. Are you waiting at the doctor's office with some time and your cell phone at hand? Look at your EasyTask "Phone" context and get to work.

You can also sort tasks or actions by days of the week. So when you wake up in the morning you know exactly what you need to accomplish that day.

There is nothing more annoying than knowing that there was something that you needed to do but can't remember what it was. Clear your mind of all its little lists and let EasyTask take care of them for you. Move through your day, confident that you are not forgetting anything. With EasyTask you can print your To-Do list on paper to take with you. **Note: This version is for MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) only. You can download a version for Tiger from the website

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