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10 May 2008

Date book with many features.


DateLook is a free electronic date book that features alarms, the ability to handle cyclic events, supports printing, and is fully mouse-driven. It has an import/export-function and is able to synchronise its local database with a database in the net (format: vCalendar V1.0). The synchronisation can use FTP or any net file system. Therefore, it is suitable for multi-user-operation. DateLook provides an unconventional graphical user interface. It is written in Java and requires a Java runtime environment 1.4.0 or later

What's new in DateLook

Version 2.1a:
  • Deleted events are stored in the database for synchronisation. This means if a instance of DateLook deleted a certain event, then during synchronisation this event will be deleted from all other instances of DateLook too.
  • Generic Collections introduced. Therefore Java 1.5 or later is required.
  • RowManager redesigned.
  • New interface/classes RInterface, RTextField, RPasswordField, RProgressbar introduced.
  • Sync/import-bug from version 2.1 removed.

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