Pod PT Golf Fitness Training
Pod PT Golf Fitness Training


Pod PT Golf Fitness Training free download for Mac

Pod PT Golf Fitness Training

03 February 2006

Golf fitness training programs.


Led by golf pros such as Tiger Woods and David Duval, today's golfers are stronger and hit the ball farther than ever. Even recreational golfers are feeling the benefits fitness can bring to the golf game. Better core strength, balance, and flexibility can free up your swinging action, giving you better aim and more force in your ball strike.

The PodPT programs are downloadable golf fitness training programs offering the ultimate in portability and flexibility. The unique system of still shots, audio cueing, and onscreen word cueing is efficient and thorough. Simple to install on any photo capable iPod, you can be ready to start improving your golf fitness in 15 minutes. Pod PT™ Golf Fitness programs are:

  • Flexible. Programs are built by certified personal trainers to be used on your own schedule.
  • Customizable. You can add, delete and/or change the order of the exercises and stretches to suit your needs.
  • Motivational. No more prepackaged, stale music. Listen to the personal trainer's audio cueing file to learn the correct form. Then, switch and listen to your own music - music that stays fresh and motivates you best.
The Mens Golf Stretch demo is a great place to start improving your fitness level. Use it as often as every day and especially before a round of golf. The equipment you will need is a stability ball to hold in your hands (you can substitute a light medicine ball or even a pillow) and a mat (if you have one). Get started today and be ready for your next game!

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