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A complete media center for your Mac.   Free
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iTheater is a media center for Macs. iTheater is an aesthetically pleasing way to manage, play and share your photos, movies and music.
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Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Jeff-H. commented on 25 Mar 2009
I know I'm doing something wrong here but after iTheater launches it does change from my usual desktop, nothing...WTF?
[Version 0.2]



semioticmonkey reviewed on 08 Apr 2008
I can't use it cause it doesn't support Apple Remote so there is no point to use this if you want something more configurable than Front Row and nothing more.

The second monitor option is good but it simply automate the switching of the menubar on the second monitor to achieve the effect. The same you can do manually with Front Row.

The second monitor doesn't see the plugged monitor immediately. You have to close Sys Pref and reopen it to force iTheater to recognize it.

The uninstaller (the Automator workflow) doesn't works. So i ended up searching all the frameworks it installs in Library and clean up eveything.

Tnx for the work, guys but please reconsider the uninstaller (and give User some options about the framework to install. i don't use Wii, for example and i don't need the Wii framework).
[Version 0.2]


Jeff-H. commented on 22 Nov 2007
advertized that it works on 10.3...DOES NOT. Will not even install on anything but 10.4.

Was there ever one for 10.3? Is it available?
[Version 0.2]


Apt commented on 23 Feb 2006
I suggest readers do a search for MediaCentral.... this is a more mature product and is being developed at a faster pace than the over Media Players around (iTheatre, CentreStage etc)
[Version 0.11]

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Bombadil replied on 09 Feb 2007
yeah, but this is free!

Jeff-H. commented on 04 Feb 2006
Just so, so.

Run a google on enabling Front Row on all Macs running 10.4.3 and above (I think it works on 10.4.2 as well, but I may be wrong). Looks better, acts MUCH better, and sound better as you curse through the menus
[Version 0.1RC1]

Ryan H. commented on 02 Feb 2006
This will definitely be the Mac Media Center, pure and simple. The fact that this "RC (?!)" is even out is a cause for celebration as the team have suffered from one setback after another. I was very pleased with this first step, because its the 1st free media center that has some real potential primarily because it is modular ( which eventually will lead to a high level of customization). Check out the forums, the very helpful team comments, and the excellent website and one can't but walk away excited that this, free, application is coming because I truly believe that its 1.0 release will be awesome. I decided to write this comment because I still can't believe the trolls that continue to expect so much from a free application in such little time and under such circumstances (and yes I have been patiently waiting since day 1 someday in Jan 05!!). So come on guys, be patient because I know that this is gonna blow the other guys right out of the water this year as development really starts moving forward.
[Version 0.1RC1]


Alexiusca commented on 30 Jan 2006
Nice start but it HURTS THE EYES!!! ARRGHH!!!!
[Version 0.1RC1]

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Version Downloads:3,388
Type:Multimedia Design : Video
Date:15 Jul 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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iTheater is a media center for Macs. iTheater is an aesthetically pleasing way to manage, play and share your photos, movies and music.

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