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Razer Pro HID Drivers contain drivers for the Razer multi-button mouse. This mouse is specialized for ultra-fine pixel accuracy.
What's New
Version 1.6.8:

Bug fixed on:

  • Drivers for Mac turns down Trackpad sensitivities each time out plug or un-plug the mouse
  • Double click speed and scroll wheel speed of the trackpad of Macbook Pro are set to minimum
  • Each time the computer wakes up from sleep mode, the master sensitivity in the advanced Razer Pro panel is reduced by about 0.5
  • Upon hotplug, Macro key value cannot be retained.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

MacUpdate - Razer Pro HID Drivers

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Razer Pro HID Driv... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Desterwallaboo reviewed on 22 Feb 2011
OK..... love the Razer Mamba simply for how high-res it is.... however... the lack of an real driver for this mouse is mind-boggling. We recently changed out most of the mice in our studio for Razer mice because we needed higher-res mice. But we are totally disappointed with the inability to program the buttons.

Razer needs to get busy.
[Version 1.6.8]


gurubez commented on 16 Dec 2008
Hi have a question:

is it possible with the driver to config the buttons for many apps

like steermouse?????

[Version 1.6.6]

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Umaromc commented on 18 Oct 2009
fruitattack commented on 18 Feb 2008
I use a Macbook and used to carry around a the Razer Pro v1.6 with it. The one thing that annoys me the most is that whenever I plug the mouse in, all the settings in Mouse pane reset to the lowest. Not just the mouse settings, but the trackpad ones too. It's ridiculous to have to put everything back each time I plug this mouse in.

The Middle click button cannot be set to do a conventional middle click...

Eventually, the left mouse button responsiveness wore off because I kept stuffing it in the bag. I have moved on to a Razer Pro Click Mobile now and I do enjoy the fact that I do not have to deal with a driver installation.
[Version 1.6.6]


jules771 reviewed on 01 Dec 2006
Well, let's see.

Upon installation, the ProClick 1.6.6 totally disabled USB overdrive.

Then there was no list of installed items so I had to spend about an hour hunting down the files to trash, (by the way, all usb apps will be disabled until you get rid of the razerpro.kext file)

And finally, the app itself is awful, no options to assign buttons for other apps. no tech support, no response to emails.

I could go on but this is hopefully enough to warn others. The ONLY saving feature is that it's free.
[Version 1.6.6]


Wraithe reviewed on 25 Jun 2006
Well, true to my word, I uninstalled SteerMouse and installed the latest (1.6.5) drivers.

I remove all my previous complaints. Well, O.K. no, I don't, so I guess I should say "They finally got it right".

As I have said before, this is an excellent mouse, and it now finally, has a Mac OS X driver worthy of it. I'm impressed that they actually stuck with it and did the work, rather than licensing someone else's existing driver.

This mouse drive A) fixed all the issues that I've been complaining about, and B) provided you with all the smoothness and accuracy that this mouse is capable of. (I'm back to being accused of cheating in online games again :))

I have seen none of the problems I originally had, and have had no new ones raise their heads. I still find myself somewhat unimpressed by the breadth of the options for the buttons, but being able to set them to "pass through" from Mac OS solves that handily.

Good work, guys!
[Version 1.6.5]

Wraithe tipped on 18 Jun 2006
So, for the big stack of people who have been disappointed with the Razer drivers, I thought I would update my previous comments/review with something to help, potentially.


I've been completely happy with my Razer since getting this software, what's more you can really get the feel between the Razer and a "regular" mouse.

Note: I have not tried the latest update to the Razer driver, and based on past experience, have no urge to, although maybe I will, just to be "fair". I'll report back if I do.
[Version 1.6.5]


Aname commented on 30 Apr 2006
And why is the right mouse button acting as a left mouse button when clicked?!?! To my knowledge, there's no way around it...
[Version 1.6.5]

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Wraithe commented on 25 Jun 2006
You may have the mouse set for "left-hand" when you need it set for "right-hand?"


Aname reviewed on 27 Apr 2006
Ok. Time for a review.

I've had this mouse for a couple of months now. Before I start complaining, I must still say that the actual mouse is a real eye-opener, in terms of unsurpassed sensitivity and great design (save for the fact that the side buttons are too small and quirky). Too bad, though, this great sensitivity isn't adjustable in a comprehensible way. (At least not for me.)

Right now, I'm very frustrated about my Razer, and I really don't know where to start, but I have a lot of beefs with this mouse...

Seeing that virtually nothing is being improved, on the Mac driver, I just can't help feeling deeply disappointed. Now, there _are_ updates now and then, for this driver, but obviously they aren't improving or adding anything vital to the lack of features.

First. In my opinion, there is _NO_ logic whatsoever behind the design of this driver. It appears that the Mac implementation of the driver was rushed in a desperate last minute squeeze-in. For starters, the driver does _NOT_ override the Mac OS' in-built mouse accelleration scheme. This leaves you wondering, which control is actually in charge of this mouse?!

Secondly. If you set the driver's accelleration setting at 0 (zero), the pixel accuracy feels all ok when moving the mouse slowly. But (!) if you twitch the accelleration slider up one fraction of a pixel, the accelleration goes nuts. Logically, since there are 171 'steps' on the movable slider (I've counted them), moving it up from 0 % accelleration to the next smallest 'step', should mean that you'll raise it to 0.6 % accelleration. Which, honestly, shouldn't introduce any noticeable accelleration at all. But indeed it does... Don't ask me why, but the accelleration is raised by more than twice of what it was at 0 % accelleration. What gives? And while this is supposed to be a 'precision mouse', why not let users enter exact numeral values, with decimals in the 'advanced' settings tab? I know you can edit the com.razer.PRO.plist file, but that seems like a long way round.

Third issue. And this is a terribly awkward thing. The button settings... I'm sorry to sound so complaining, but they are the worst imaginable settings ever. And the sad part is, USB Overdrive 10.4.5 does _not_ recognize this mouse on my system. I've tried uninstalling the Razer drivers and see if I can get USB Overdrive take over, but it just won't detect the device. An example of the nuttyness with Razer driver's button settings is, the right mouse button. Apparently, there had to be something wrong by calling the right mouse button for just that, 'right mouse' (or mouse 2). Instead, it's called 'Menu'... Menu?? A right mouse button is a right mouse button, not a menu button. Well, that may be too harsh to say it's a critical issue, but it exemplifies the whole oddness about this driver. And when, or if, will they implement per application settings for these buttons? Had it not been for the fact that USB Overdrive doesn't support this mouse as of today, I wouldn't complain about the button settings feature. But it has taken too long time for me to still regard this as a serious mouse for the Mac. Only thing that still keeps me using it, is for its sensitivity in games. With all the great looks and slim, ergonomic design, the Razer Pro 1.6 mouse could have been so much more...
[Version 1.6.5]


Aname commented on 07 Mar 2006
I bought a Razer Pro mouse today and one thing that I noticed right right off the bat, is the RADICAL sensitivity range. Wow that!

But the thing that really brings my excitment down - the things that people have already pointed out below - is that this driver is almost useless for Mac peoples.

In this state, it feels rather pointless to rate this driver, as I definitely believe (or actually, rather EXPECT) the Razer company will fix it.

My question is: Does USB Overdrive fully (or at least partially) support this device? If not, will it? What's your best guesses?
[Version 1.6.4]

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Umaromc replied on 03 Apr 2006
You can try it... but you'll be saddened with the results...
nikodemus commented on 01 Jan 2006
I would be leery of installing this driver since OSX handles the Razer mice natively. I've tried USB Overdrive and it just doesn't have the right feel afterwards. Sadly, Razer's new Copperhead mouse doesn't even work on the Mac correctly. I own 5 Diamondbacks, best mice in the whole damn world in my opinion but Razer falls short (flat on their faces) when it comes to the Mac platform. I agree with the last poster about these drivers, I don't feel like playing the install and uninstall game. Just plug your Razer mouse in the keyboard and enjoy a great mouse without any drivers.
[Version 1.6.2]

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Date:28 Sep 2009
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Razer Pro HID Drivers contain drivers for the Razer multi-button mouse. This mouse is specialized for ultra-fine pixel accuracy.

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