Minions of Mirth 10 Jan 2008

MMORPG Single Player Dungeon for the masses, free edition.


Developer website: Prairie Games

Minions of Mirth is a massively single player, multiplayer, persistent world RPG. Its epic scope and diverse gameplay will keep novice and hardcore players coming back for more, and more!

  • Auto-patcher that delivers immediate content and feature upgrades
  • Full single player support
  • Player vs Environment and Player vs Player multiplayer
  • No monthly service fees for multiplayer
  • Form your own party of up to 6 characters. Join other players in online alliances with up to 36 characters
  • 16 playable classes, 12 playable races, Multiclass characters in three careers up to level 100
  • 3 playable realms: Fellowship of Light, Minions of Darkness, and the Monster Realm
  • 14 huge and diverse zones to explore
  • Unlock monster templates to create your own stable of monsters
  • Epic Battle System
  • A tremendous amount of unique NPC, creatures, items, and quests
  • 2 hours of original music
  • Free dedicated world server with source code is available. Host your own persistent world with your own original content

What's New

Version 1.26.2:
  • Renaming a character should now migrate character settings like journals, macros, etc.
  • Adjusted Thugoth's difficulty.
  • Monster Epic no longer uses the Trinst Guard Medallion due to a conflict with an existing MoD quest. The quest now uses the Trinst Guard Scimitar.
  • Trinst Guard Medallion has been set back to an always drop.
  • Fixed a few typos and minor bugs in the Monster Epic.
  • Fixed typos on the Sodi drops and adjusted flags.
  • Fixed the description for Molteeth and Bortoth to show the correct dates.
  • Adjusted stats on Zaava, the Necromancer earring.
  • Fixed an error that could potentially prevent players from advancing beyond 900 in cooking/brewing.
  • Re-added Trinst vendor descriptions.
  • Re-added Swarm of Dragonflies to Hound of Xal's loot table.
  • Varian's Coral Belt is now a unique, premium only item.
  • Added description for /desc and /mydesc to help window.
  • Fixed loot cloning error on Platinum and Adamantium Golem spawns.
  • Removed and replaced the duplicate 'Champion' with a new title.
  • Fixed a couple links in a Necromancer Epic journal entry.
  • Changed settings.db text factory from optimized unicode to str, this should allow special characters without crashing.
  • Repairing equipped items should no longer cause any problem. If the item to be repaired has a penalty and is equipped, it will unequipped during the repair process. All stats and set contributions will now update properly.
  • Added a popup message when trying to enter world with no characters in party. Previously pressing the enter world button would just do nothing.
  • Fixed monstrous item levels. Some had a lower level assigned than realm level requirement, even though the realm requirement was the important one for equip checks. This fixes too low enchantment caps.
  • Cast damage mod no longer works on spells that have stun, sleep or fear components.
  • Cast damage mod and spell crits no longer apply to procs and skills.
  • Cast damage mod and cast heal mod now both cap at 50% on enchanting. Previous values will be adjusted.
  • If a negation buff is cast and it still could remove more charges than had to be removed on the target, it will now attempt to remove harmful spells on the pet (if present) as well.
  • Did away with the slightly confusing homepoint/homePosition+homeRotation duality.
  • Mob pets in zombie state should no longer constantly warp to where they were summoned, they now inherit their masters home transform.
  • Corrected and adjusted pet speed. Active speed buffs by spells, skills or items would yield different results before. Also pets are now permanently 10% faster than the master.
  • Adjusted help window entries for single-/double-clicking spell and skill buttons.


  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • G4, G5, Intel Processor.
  • OpenGL 3D Graphics Accelerator w/ 64 MB RAM.
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