4.1 03 Jan 2018

Java-based BibTeX database front-end.


Developer website: Oliver Kopp

JabRef is a graphical frontend to manage BibTeX databases, the standard format for LaTeX bibliography references. JabRef is built to be platform-independant (requires Java 8 or later).

What's New

Version 4.1:
  • We added bracketed expression support for file search patterns, import file name patterns and file directory patters, in addition to bibtexkey patterns.
  • We added support for [entrytype] bracketed expression.
  • Updated French translation
  • We improved the handling of abstracts in the "Astrophysics Data System" fetcher. #2471
  • We added support for pasting entries in different formats #3143
  • In the annotation tab, PDF files are now monitored for new or changed annotation. A manual reload is no longer necessary. #3292
  • We increased the relative size of the "abstract" field in the entry editor. Feature request in the forum
  • Crossreferenced entries are now used when a BibTex key is generated for an entry with empty fields. #2811
  • We now set the WM_CLASS of the UI to org-jabref-JabRefMain to allow certain Un*x window managers to properly identify its windows
  • We changed the default paths for the OpenOffice/LibreOffice binaries to the default path for LibreOffice
  • File annotation tab now removes newlines and hyphens before newlines from content and displays an empty String instead of N/A if no contents are found. #3280
  • We moved the groups field from the "Other fields" tab to "General" (you may have to reset your editor preferences under Options > Set up general fields)
  • We no longer create a new entry editor when selecting a new entry to increase performance. #3187
  • We added the possibility to copy linked files from entries to a single output folder. #2539
  • We increased performance and decreased the memory footprint of the entry editor drastically. #3331
  • Late initialization of the context menus in the entry editor. This improves performance and memory footprint further #3340
  • Integrity check "Abbreviation Detection" detects abbreviated names for journals and booktitles based on the internal list instead of only looking for . signs. Fixes #3144.
  • We added a dialog to show that JabRef is working on checking integrity. #3358
  • When you click the PDF icon in the file list of the entry editor, then the file is opened. #3491
  • We added an option to mass append to fields via the Quality -> set/clear/append/rename fields dialog. #2721
  • We added a check on startup to ensure JabRef is run with an adequate Java version. 3310
  • In the preference, all installed java Look and Feels are now listed and selectable
  • We added an ID fetcher for IACR eprints. #3473
  • We added a clear option to the right-click menu of the text field in the entry editor. koppor#198
  • We improved the performance and memory footprint of the citation preview when CSL styles are used. #2533
  • We disabled the auto completion as default, because it still causes issues. #3522
  • We fixed the translation of textendash and textquotesingle in the entry preview. #3307
  • We fixed an issue where JabRef would not terminated after asking to collect anonymous statistics. #2955 comment
  • We fixed an issue where JabRef would not shut down when started with the -n (No GUI) option. #3247
  • We improved the way metadata is updated in remote databases. #3235
  • We improved font rendering of the Entry Editor for Linux based systems. #3295
  • We fixed an issue where JabRef would freeze when trying to replace the original entry after a merge with new information from identifiers like DOI/ISBN etc. #3294
  • We no longer allow to add a field multiple times in customized entry types and thereby fix an issue in the entry editor that resulted from having a field multiple times. #3046
  • We fixed an issue where JabRef would not show the translated content at some points, although there existed a translation
  • We fixed an issue where editing in the source tab would override content of other entries. #3352
  • We fixed an issue where file links created under Windows could not be opened on Linux/OSX. #3311
  • We fixed several issues with the automatic linking of files in the entry editor where files were not found or not correctly saved in the bibtex source. #3346
  • We fixed an issue where fetching entries from crossref that had no titles caused an error. #3376
  • We fixed an issue where the same Java Look and Feel would be listed more than once in the Preferences. #3391
  • We fixed an issue where errors in citation styles triggered an exception when opening the preferences dialog. #3389
  • We fixed an issue where entries were displayed twice after insertion into a shared database. #3164
  • We improved the auto link algorithm so that files starting with a similar key are no longer found (e.g, Einstein1902 vs Einstein1902a). #3472
  • We fixed an issue where special fields (such as printed) could not be cleared when syncing special fields via the keywords. #3432
  • We fixed an issue where the tooltip of the global search bar showed html tags instead of formatting the text. #3381
  • We fixed an issue where timestamps were not updated for changed entries. #2810
  • We fixed an issue where trying to fetch data from Medline/PubMed resulted in an error. #3463
  • We fixed an issue where double clicking on an entry in the integrity check dialog resulted in an exception. #3485
  • We fixed an issue where the entry type could sometimes not be changed when the entry editor was open #3435
  • We fixed an issue where dropping a pdf on the entry table and renaming it triggered an exception. #3490
  • We fixed an issue where no longer existing files could not be removed from the entry by pressing the del key. #3493
  • We fixed an issue where integrating external changes to a bib file caused instability. #3498
  • We fixed an issue where fetched entries from the ACM fetcher could not be imported. #3500
  • We fixed an issue where custom data in combobox fields in the entry editor was not saved. #3538
  • We fixed an issue where automatically found files were not added with a relative paths when the bib file is in the same directory as the files. #3476
  • We improved the key generator to remove certain illegal characters such as colons or apostrophes. #3359


  • OS X 10.7.3 or later
  • Java 1.8 or later


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