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Simply School

13 January 2006

Information administration for schools.


You know the story. Some time ago, you saw the wisdom of putting as much of the school information on computer as possible. You have since created documents and spreadsheets to make this all possible, but now you have a problem. Everyone wants copies, so the school secretary gives them a copy whenever they ask, but they had an old copy and the mailer that went out was sent to old and inaccurate addresses. You give everyone new copies of the address list and the school letter template, but somehow the old ones keep cropping up, causing extra work, phone calls from irate parents, and making you wonder if computers are such a good thing after all.

What you want is one copy of all the records and to make sure everyone uses that and only that copy. The solution: Simply School.

Simply School was originally created a number of years ago to solve this simple but burdensome problem. There were other solutions, but they all fell into a few categories: too complex, too expensive, or they just didn't deliver the features needed.

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