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19 November 2019

File management plug-in for FileMaker Pro.


SimpleFile lets your FileMaker solutions easily access files stored anywhere on your hard drive, server, or network, allowing your users to keep their files and documents organized without ever leaving your solution’s user interface.

Whether you want to import or export documents that are not natively supported, or just extend the import and export abilities of FileMaker WebDirect FileMaker Custom Web Publishing, or FileMaker Go, SimpleFile will let you achieve your goals without feeling limited.

Manage Files and Folders

With SimpleFile your solution can easily create, delete, copy, move, and rename files and folders anywhere on your hard disk, on the FileMaker Server’s hard disk, or any other network-connected shared folder. You don’t even have to care about converting between different file path notations as our plug-in understands them and can easily convert between them.

Without having to deal with file path syntax issues, your solutions can easily:
  • Maintain connection between your data and your externally stored documents
  • Keep your files and folders perfectly organized
  • Let users focus on their work without leaving your solution’s interface

What's new in SimpleFile

Version 3.0.5:
  • Updated license handling/and activation for eSellerate end-of-life
  • Minor performance and FileMaker 18 compatibility improvements

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