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04 March 2008

Server/client side Javascript development framework.


Openmocha is an open source Javascript website application server and development framework. Quick soft-coding and clean hard-coding in Javascript on the client-side AND the server-side.

The goal of Openmocha is to maximize the fun and productivity of Javascript development by blending the gap between browser and server based scripting.

With Openmocha, a new project can be quickly soft-coded by creating custom Mocha Objects using the Web browser. As the project matures, these Mocha Objects can be re-factored and hard-coded in separate code files. The two approaches can be mixed at any time, patching hard-coded applications through soft-coding even during runtime.

What's new in Openmocha

Version 0.9:
  • changed code so that access properties resolve to directly check the access status for the current user and moved the check, include, exclude and remove methods to use a syntax like this.access.include(role, user)
  • added toE4X String method to handle XML conversion and entitiy escaping
  • added String.fromE4X function to handle the conversion from e4x to strings, unescaping entities/ampersands and converting self-closing script and textarea
  • fixed undefined content to be properly ignored
  • changed styles to be directly rendered from the skin and set content type to css
  • notfound action now correctly sets the response code to 200 when it catches erroneous 404s
  • changed failed views to be tagged in the markup and errors logged to the firebug console
  • merged renderPage into lib.js, moved handlers to handlers.js and fetchlet related code to fetchlets.js
  • moved Root and Page type property files to the exmapleapp, removing them from the jhino repository
  • re-added an empty Page prototype directory to work around helma bug #604
  • added xmlbean dependency jars to package target
  • changed fetchlets to check for main access rights
  • changed from access.remove() to access.clear()
  • added default read access check to collection of fetchlets
  • added optional xmlbean jars for E4X compatibility with earlier Java versions

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