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Duplicate Annihilator


Duplicate Annihilator free download for Mac

Duplicate Annihilator5.8.5

26 January 2019

Find and delete duplicates in iPhoto.


Duplicate Annihilator takes on the time-consuming task of comparing the images in your iPhoto library using effective algorithms to make sure that no duplicate escapes.

Duplicate Annihilator detects:

  • Duplicates
  • Imported thumbnails
  • Imported thumbnails of faces
  • Missing image files
  • Corrupt JPEGs

What's new in Duplicate Annihilator

Version 5.8.5:
  • Fixed the dreaded Error 1.45.2.-10000.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the registration to fail.

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22 October 2009
Version: 2.23.0

Most helpful

Every time I use this program -- just used it this morning to check a whole bunch of new images I imported into iPhoto recently and found several dozen dupes -- I think this is about the best $7.95 I've ever spent on anything. The program just *works* and has great built-in intelligence and best of all, safe-guards. I've tried other ways to find and elimnate dupes and really messed up my iPhoto library. With Duplicate Annihilator, I know my data is safe. This is a one-trick poney, but it's worth every penny. Highly recommended.
25 January 2020
Version: 5.8.5
I hate it.
14 February 2017
Version: 5.8.3
I've just bought this product and it takes so long and it gives different duplicate numbers each time. When checking the 'duplicate' images I find many are not duplicates at all. There is no instant visual comparison of original and duplicate like other software. Ive spent so long trying all sorts of preference options without success. First software I've bought off the internet that has given me such headaches. I'm using it on my mac running Snow Leopard. i have a newer mac (Sierra)which can download the free Duplicate Cleaner from iTunes and it takes 2 mins to do what Annihilator takes 3 hours.
28 April 2015
Version: 5.7.5
The latest version doesn't work with the new Mac Photo, at least not on my system. That is, Duplicate Annihilator identifies duplicates but doesn't mark all (or even most) them, so there's no way to remove the duplicates. When I reported the problem, Brattoo was very responsive and pleasant, but until the problem is fixed I wouldn't recommend the software. Here's their reply, "This is an internal Photos error which seems to occur now and then, we have reported it to Apple and hopefully it will be resolved soon. It does not happen to every Photos library but some customers have reported it. Sometimes it happens to all photos and sometimes to only a few. We are trying to pinpoint when and why it happens but unfortunately we have not been able to get this error in our labs."
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28 February 2015
Version: 5.7.3
Good one! Very efficient and cheap, but with single function, some similar DuplicateFinder can find duplicate files, music, not only duplicates in iphoto.
19 September 2014
Version: 5.0
I've always be happy with this app. Very efficient, the process is a bit tedious, but it works quite nicely. I haven't tested the brand new version 5 yet, but something has puzzled me for some time now: Aperture and iPhoto now share the same library format. Why have a different app for iPhoto and Aperture then?
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21 June 2014
Version: 4.22.1
Application is okay and works as advertised. But their constant (almost weekly) updates for minor things smacks of updates-to-promote-their-product on this site. It is really annoying and, I'm assuming, a waste valuable time, to constantly update without knowing how crucial they are.
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23 September 2013
Version: 4.13.3
In "unregistered" mode you can scan up to 500 photos. This is certainly sufficient to make a buying decision. It is a small program and it runs quickly and quietly - nice! Options for the disposition of duplicates are useful and understandable. I was looking for one more thought, that of moving the photo to the system trash. Instead, it remains in the iPhoto trash and your only choice is to leave it there or delete it in iPhoto. This was never something that I liked about iPhoto and it is not something that Duplicate Annihilator should be faulted for. I found changing the comments to "duplicate" or "original" as a good alternative to deleting photos. It gives you a chance to review your photos one more time in case there is a problem. The "Find and annihilate duplicates" button is somewhat understated but that is a style opinion. It could be bigger/more colorful. This is a great time saver - I think I'll buy it!
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24 August 2013
Version: 4.13.0
It's a one trick pony. But it seems to do that trick very well. I'm not sure how realistic it is but I took off half a star for speed or lack thereof - it takes around 3 hours to go through 11,000 pictures. I feel it ought to be faster, but I've no idea if it could or how it could be faster. It's easy to use, is explained well and the family licence is very cheap for what it offers. And it has never fallen over on me. I suspect the dupes that creep in are due to syncing pictures across 5 Macs.
20 August 2013
Version: 4.12.0
A software developer by trade, I often write my own scripts to automate tedious tasks in order to have the best control over the end result. After many hours of working on my own and pulling in several open source alternatives, I purchased Duplicate Annihilator for less than $10. Not only has this program identified my iPhoto duplicates MORE ACCURATELY than what I produced after hours of manual and script work, but it did so with no supervision. An excellent software and great support. I highly reccomend this product to anyone who wants to enjoy their photos instead of organizing them.
04 August 2013
Version: 4.12.0
Ok, I am an OS X noob but when I tried this app it told me I have no duplicates in my iPhoto library. Altough I am 100% sure it has tons of duplicates! As a test I duplicated several with a different name and it still didn't found those. It does search thru the library though - it scanned the correct amount of photos I have (+5000). Am I doing something wrong?
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