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Manage your eBay auctions.   Demo ($149.00)
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  • MarketBlast has been discontinued
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    Acclivity LLC
MarketBlast enables users to sell sell products and create listings on eBay. Features from inventory management to consignment, customer relationship management to business analysis, MarketBlast is packed with everything you need to succeed.
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Version 2.0: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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MarketBlast User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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MacSince88 reviewed on 26 Mar 2006
I've only been using MarketBlast for a few weeks but I'm VERY impressed with its powerful automation features. I've tried all the other eBay products for the Mac and this is the absolute best product if you're serious about selling on eBay.

The learning curve is a little steep, but if you stick with it, I believe you'll find that it's time very well spent. It's not just a "lister" like GarageSale--MarketBlast automates just about everything you can imagine.

There are also a number of feature additions and bug fixes from version 1.13 to 1.14. I will be watching closely for future versions--hoping for another significant upgrade like this one. Many major upgrades on other products don't have this many feature additions.

If you only sell a couple items a week, MarketBlast is probably overkill. However, if you're a serious eBay seller, this is the best product you'll find. It will save you numerous hours each week and lots of eBay fees.
[Version 1.12]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Nov 2005
Tried to give it a chance, read reviews & website, had to sign in to download demo (your 1st mistake), and you offer a crippled and older version of 1.1.1? How elite do you think you are?

I'm not a PC drone, and I'm not letting you squeeze me either. I manage just fine on eBay without bowing to 3rd party developers who just want to leech MY money before I see what I'm getting. I was willing to give you a chance to see if YOU could make work easier for ME, and I was willing to evaluate your application and price.

If I'm considering purchase of a car, I would not be impressed if the sales person only showed me one older model tire. Same goes for MarketBlast 1.1.1, crippled edition. Poor business practice, we all lose...
[Version 1.12]

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kuphd replied on 19 Mar 2006

Anonymous reviewed on 11 Sep 2005
1.10 has added great functionality, new photo management, new feedback capability and enhanced ad template support. This release makes a good product a great one.
[Version 1.09]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Aug 2005
Add the functionality to insert custom templates and I'll conder buying this. I was told at eBay Live that this was already a feature, but it's not. In this respect, it is VERY basic in it's ad creation functionality.
[Version 1.09]

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Anonymous commented on 11 Sep 2005
Check out 1.10. This functionality was added in this rev.

Anonymous reviewed on 25 Aug 2005
I have been using 1.08 with great success. The one area I was not happy with was picture handling. However they have shown me a beta of 1.09 and they have incorporated my comments. This makes me feel even better that MarketBlast are really listening and responding to their customers.
[Version 1.07]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 Aug 2005
Grouty, with the real version not the demo you can sync already running auctions. I did this to get started. I had some issues with earlier versions but now it is working wonderful. The interface is lickable :-)

They've also been very responsive in support. I asked for a feature to do randomized feedback and within a week it was there.

So far so good !
[Version 1.07]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Aug 2005
I bought MarketBlast and am very happy with the product. I am now using 1.08 so I believe Scott's issues were fixed since then. I list about a 300 listings a week and have found it saves me about 15 hours a week of time. This a fully funtional auction management product not just a lister like Garage Sale
[Version 1.07]


Anonymous reviewed on 12 Aug 2005
Downloaded the demo but this version only works with the US site and I am in Australia. Doesn't seem to be any way to import auctions already running and using another lister such as GarageSale doesn't seem to be supported. Looks pretty though.
[Version 1.07]



scotteg reviewed on 07 Jul 2005
I purchased this software recently. Warning, it DOES NOT WORK for me on a PowerBook G4 1.25Ghz/1.25GB memory, OX X Tiger. And after over an hour on the phone w/ their tech support, still doesn't work and a week later they still haven't responded to my email and voicemail requests for a refund!

My problems:

1. Froze and then crashed on first time through setup process - on the 'enter contact info' screen, the fields were blank and did not show my typed text. I could not select a State, the Next, Back, and Cancel buttons were non-responsive, and eventually the program crashed. When I relaunched I was able to complete the 'enter contact info' screen.

2. When I followed the instructions to install the Library and Plug-in files and restarted the program, I got an error that Gecko plug-in was installed twice. The program would not load. Since the only plug-in I installed was mbHTML.bundle, I deleted that plug-in and then was able to launch the program.

3. Did not synchronize my eBay info - Not one Listing imported, under any of the tabs (e.g., All Listing, Selling, etc.). All but 1 transaction shows $0.00 and a date of 00/00/00, and then when I later re-started the program, that 1 transaction that had actual correct data showed the same $0.00 and 00/00/00 and the text string 'False' for User ID and Item ID (where the correct info appeared before). Only myself and the contact with actual data was imported to Contacts, and then when I later re-started the program, the other contact disappeared. I cannot tell if the Feedback group successfully synchronized, because there is no Date column to sort on so that I can easily cross-compare with website.

4. Could not import a standard CSV file of my inventory items - I exported my TurboLister inventory (90+ items) into a standard CSV file. I get the error 'Not enough stack space to complete the current method,' and this error continually repeats. I know that this file is readable by MS Excel, but I haven't tried yet to open and covert to Excel, and then try importing that format.

5. Questions did not fully synchronize - It appears as though the some of the fields synchronized ok, but the Title field is blank.

6. The program is repeatedly popping up an error dialog 'could not send email' and to check my email settings. I am certain that I entered in the same configuration info as I did to setup this email account in What also concerns me is, I did not attempt to send an email, so I do not know what email the program is attempting to send from my account without my knowledge nor approval.

I have a PowerBook G4 1.25 GHz with 1.25 GB memory, running OS X Tiger 10.4. I keep it running optimally. I run installations exclusively. In addition to the above problems, I generally observed MarketBlast to be unstable and slow (specifically in terms of program launch and synchronizing data). I am referring to MarketBlast 1.0
[Version 1.0]

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Version Downloads:1,966
Type:Internet : Internet Utilities
Date:01 May 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $149.00
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MarketBlast enables users to sell sell products and create listings on eBay. Features from inventory management to consignment, customer relationship management to business analysis, MarketBlast is packed with everything you need to succeed.

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