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01 February 2019

Powerful MP4 and MP3 tag editor.


Jaikoz allows you to organize, edit, and correct thousands of songs with ease. It currently supports MP4, M4P, MP3, WMA, FLAC, and OggVorbis audio formats. Jaikoz uses MusicBrainz, an online database of over 10 million songs. MusicBrainz is a community-based database with contributions by over 200,000 people, and its system of moderation ensures the data is extremely accurate. Many of these songs also have associated acoustic IDs provided by MusicIP, allowing a song to be identified by the actual music, so it can do a match even if if you have no metadata.

But no identification system is 100% accurate so we have made it as quick and easy as possible to edit your data manually as well. Jaikoz uses a convenient spreadsheet view to allow you to edit information very quickly and provides many autoformatting features that do most of the work for you.

  • Free upgrades for life for all versions, minor or major
  • Supports MP4, M4P, MP4, MP3, FLAC, WMA, and OggVorbis formats
  • Acoustic matching using MusicBrainz and MusicIP to match tracks based on the actual music
  • Metadata matching using MusicBrainz to match tracks from the metadata in your files either automatically or manually
  • Automatically retrieve artwork from Internet
  • Intelligent AutoMatch compares different Audio files and finds field matches, and then allows all similar fields to be formatted the same
  • Intelligent AutoFormat provides automatic capitalization, conversion of special words, and removal of invalid characters and punctuation marks
  • Intelligent FileName to Tagger can extract information from the filename into the tag without having to know the format of the field
  • Rename filenames and folders from your metadata in your chosen format
  • AutoCorrect can be used to perform automatic formatting of your chosen columns in a single click
  • Provides full support of all text fields and easy tagging of large number of audio files
  • The innovative split-screen spreadsheet view allows easy comparison of changes during editing
  • Automatically keeps v1 and v2 tags synchronised
  • Full Unicode support allow any character from any language to be used
  • Easy conversion of tags between version
  • Displays what is actually contained in the tag allowing the user full control
  • Jaikoz runs on OS X 10.4 and later, Windows, and Linux
  • Jaikoz is internationalized, currently supports English, German, Greek, Italian, and Spanish

What's new in Jaikoz

Version 10.0:
  • Add Song Only Matching
  • Add support for Albunack Id Matching
  • Do direct match to MusicBrainz if cant find match in Albunack

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17 July 2008

Most helpful

Well i had a Problem: i got more than 300 MP3 wrong Tagged... befor every ID3 Song Name was a Numer like 01 - and the Year for the Album Name. So i tried all ID3 Tools availible by Macupdate like: Dukko, Musorg, ID3 Editor, ID3Mod, a better Finder rename; iTunify, MPFreaker and Jaikoz. Jaikoz was the ONLY tool who did the Job in Batch Modus!!!! forget all other Tools ....waste of Time This is the only one you need for all Actions I#m shure afetr a few test !!!!! Don't waste your time !!! Try it i highly recommend this Tool !!!! Thank you Developer it's really worth the 30$ for this compared to the other Tools.
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Version 2.5
30 August 2018
Wav support was talked about on the forums in 2014 yet in August 2018 still not implemented. Went with Amvidia Tag Editor for the primary auto tagging and Nightbirdsevolve Meta 1.8.6 mainly for album artwork. If NB Meta adds auto tagging through MusicBrainz or other I believe that would serve my needs quite well. ADD WAV support Jaikoz
Version 9.3.0
08 February 2017
Messed up the metadata on a bunch of albums, one or two songs on the albums would be tagged differently from the rest so that each album would be split up. I had to go back and re-tag them by hand to fix it. Probably due to bad data in the MusicBrainz database. Also couldn't identify a bunch of classical albums, even though I could find them on the web in the Discogs database.
Version 9.1.0
16 December 2016
I use Jaikoz for years and it's the most complete MP3 Tagger I've ever used. I had to write a specific MP3 version to have my car's radio show all information and Jaikoz was able to do it. Its interface is not the most beautiful but its features are great. There have been no paid updates ever since so the value for buying it is really great compared to other tools which require upgrade fees for major releases (which always is in the hands of the developer to determine).
Version 9.1.0
06 August 2015
One of the best iTune's tamers. Fast, easy to use, accurate. Definitely 5 stars...
Version 8.3.1
11 July 2015
Maybe the UI is not the most beautiful you could imagine but the app itself is always reliable. It is being updated on a regular basis and one can always count on quick and professional user support.
Version 8.2.5
10 July 2015
As a musician, I'm often sending out MP3 files of our original songs. While I can set some ID3 tag fields from Pro Tools or other audio engineering software, it does not permit me to set all of the fields I need. So I use Jaikoz, which gives me access especially to ISRC, so I can tag all demo and special request audio files, increasing the odds our song plays will be credited to us. As a creator of media, this tool is invaluable, efficient and simple to use.
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Version 8.2.5
23 March 2015
Use it for professional work. Constantly updated over the years, excellent personal support for buyers. Highly recommended.
Version 8.2.1
28 January 2014
Doesn't start on ML...
Version 6.1.0
17 January 2014
Like a number of people who have left reviews, I tried a number of tagging solutions to sort through my 1TB of music that I've collected over the years, and Jaikoz is by far the very best. I'm very anal about having consistent naming for all of files, and for years applied very consistent formatting in naming/organizing my zillions of photographs. A few years ago I finally decided to apply this to my disastrous music collection before moving it into iTunes, and like I said, this app beat out all the others (and in fact was the only one that could do every single thing with the music that I wanted to). There is a bit of a learning curve with this software, but for me it was worth it because it meant I could customize ANYTHING I wanted to, and was able to name my files in a way that perfectly satisfied my severe OCD! =0) One other thing to mention is that the few times I have needed to contact Paul (the developer) with questions, he has almost always replied the same day, sometimes within the hour. Today I had a new question and he replied within 5 minutes (which prompted me to leave this review, which I had been meaning to do for a long time anyway since I love this program so much)! I highly recommend this software for anyone who like me can't stand to have a messy music collection! I realized early on this program is also amazingly useful for people who like to make music compilations (kind of like making mix tapes back in the days of cassettes for all you old-timers like me out there), as you can fully customize the tagging in the compilation and add album covers to all of the files and give your compilation a very professional feel. Very nice!
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Version 6.1.0
26 December 2013
Unfortunately for me Jaikoz now is GARBAGE! There's a problem with Brazilian Portuguese and DOENS'T WORKS!!! Don't spend your money with trash!
Version 6.0.7
2 answer(s)
07 January 2014
Sorry, what do you mean, if there is a problem let me know what it is and Im sure it can be resolved.
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Big Johnson
Big Johnson
31 August 2014
So because it "doens't works" for you, NO ONE should buy it?
I don't speak Portuguese so I don't care.

Jaikoz doesn't claim to support all languages, so that's YOUR fault for not reading the description prior to purchase. It says "Jaikoz is internationalized, currently supports English, German, Greek, Italian, and Spanish."


BTW, your spellchecker DOENS'T WORKS!!!
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