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20 May 2005

Data acquisition app for many digital multimeters.


JMM (Java MultiMeter) is data acquisition software for digital multimeters equipped with a RS-232 port, such as the Metex 3850 and many others. The software is very simple to use and the control is straight forward.

To run the OS X version, you need to install the RXTX serial and parallel I-O libraries. An installer is included. On an iMac you need a USB-Serial converter. When you use the KEYSPAN USA-28X, a special cable to connect the DMM to the Mac needs to be constructed. Here's a writeup by Jeff Luszcz , the author of MacMultimeter, on making a patch box so that any serial cable works with it.

This demo version can do 10 readouts per run, you need to register for the full function version.

What's new in JMM

  • Serial port settings, supporting much more multi-meters
  • Demo mode

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