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21 May 2012

Track sports stats.


Statbook (was Baseball Statbook) is a simple, yet powerful, stat-keeping tool for any sport with built-in templates for baseball, softball, basketball, soccer and now football and volleyball.

Statbook is a great way for managers, coaches, parents, and fans to stay up-to-date with how their players are performing. One of Statbook's key features is its extensive customization. With virtually unlimited input categories, users can create a file that suits their specific needs and track the statistics that are important to their teams and philosophies.

Reports are also highly customizable and each template comes with numerous built-in reports that help you get started. After the initial setup, you are literally one button click away from building your HTML files to send via email or publish on the Internet.

Here are some examples of built-in reports available for the baseball/softball template:

  • Lineup
  • Overall (All Games) Batting, Fielding & Pitching Statistics
  • Overall (Last 5 Games) Batting, Fielding & Pitching Statistics
  • Game Results
  • Box Scores (Batting, Fielding & Pitching)
  • Individual Players Stats (Batting, Fielding & Pitching)
  • Pre-season and Post-Season statistics (Overall, Batting and Pitching)
  • With Statbook, you can create as many custom reports -- and custom statistics -- as needed. Use the "Styles" button to change the colors, fonts, formatting and overall look of your reports.

Statbook is as simple as you want, yet can be as powerful as you need.

Additional Features:

  • iPhone App Import/Save support
  • Built-in FTP access to upload files directly from Statbook
  • SQL Lite database engine allows for faster data access and better scalability
  • Unlimited addition of custom stats, reports and input data.
  • Report generation is instantaneous (i.e., no progress bar when going to reports)
  • Customizable input interfaces for faster data entry
  • Customizable reports where you can add, edit or remove fields
  • Report fields can be a function of input stats (e.g. create a field called 'Total Pitches' which adds input fields of 'Balls' and 'Strikes')
  • Import/Export reports to a file to share with others or import into another application (e.g., Excel or Numbers)
  • Track multiple sports in one application and for one price (Statbook offers templates for baseball, softball, basketball, football, soccer and volleyball)

What's new in Statbook

Version 3.5.4:
  • Fixed some random Database 19 errors which have come up for more than one user

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3 Reviews of Statbook

03 May 2005
Version: 0.1.0

Most helpful

Not too shabby for a 0.1 release ;) I look forward to seeing the Reports to HTML feature as well as more reports.
17 July 2010
Version: 3.4
WIsh it had an interactive, software-based baseball scorecard so you can enter each play in real time as the game is being played. I've been looking for a Mac-based baseball scorecard for years... rather than using the ol paper based scorecard.
03 April 2006
Version: 1.3.5
I'm looking forward to a screenshot on the web site. It can't be that difficult, can it?
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03 May 2005
Version: 0.1.0
Not too shabby for a 0.1 release ;) I look forward to seeing the Reports to HTML feature as well as more reports.