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Divide & Conquer

01 March 2005

Automates splitting/archiving of QT files.


Divide & Conquer is an OS X helper app(let) for Quicktime Pro, which automates the task of splitting up Quicktime files into archive-sized segments. It has a ReadMe.

Sometimes when I've shot PAL DV footage, I want to archive it to DVD as Quicktime files. A full tape capture will tend to be about 16GB, so I want an unattended way to split that into four DVD-sized chunks which can be re-assembled later if necessary. I started by looking at Laine Lee's DV converter script, which is great and which does something analogous, but I needed my script to allow any kind of Quicktime file as input and to output that same kind of file without any re-compression. The last requirement was that the script would peek at the big file's data rate, whatever kind of Quicktime it was, and make a suggestion for a length in seconds which would fit on a DVD. So that's what it does (this function probably doesn't work that well with variable bitrate files). This is the very first iteration, making it essentially an alpha version (it works perfectly on my system and for my tasks, but who knows), so I'd love some feedback and I definitely want to know if anything doesn't work.

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  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later
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