Macs Cue

2.1.0 08 Oct 2013

Sound player designed for theatre use.


Developer website: C.L.Gizmos

Macs Cue is a sound player optimized for scripted performances. You create a cue sheet containing all the sounds you want to play, then hit the space bar to play each one. Cues can be chained, and can be set to stop or fade other cues.

After dragging sound files into your cue sheet, you can trim off the start and end of each cue, as well as automating volume and pan. Cues can be set to loop, and to start or stop other cues at any point while they're playing.

Great for small theatres, churches, schools, corporate presentations, or anywhere you need simple and reliable sound playback. Alice Cooper uses it in his shows, shouldn't you? Version 2 is a major overhaul, and includes multichannel output with multiple output devices, multiple events per cue, volume and pan automation, notes, more precise volume control, and silent cues. It also displays CPU usage, and checks for new versions.

What's New

Version 2.1.0:

New features

  • Loading cue sheets with lots of waveform data now shows the loading progress
  • (Cue sheets are now saved as packages, with waveforms in their own files)
  • New preference for whether rearranging cues by dragging requires the command key to be pressed
  • Automation control optionally shows a grid when dragging anything
  • You can set the amount of data to preload for each cue
  • Time is displayed in the live display when dragging nodes in the automation control (also gain has improved visibility)
  • Shift-drag nodes in the automation control to constrain them to horizontal or connecting lines
  • Command-drag nodes for extra precision in setting them
  • When multiple cues are selected, the automation control shows the total time
  • Start and stop event markers in the automation control have tooltips with a summary
  • Trigger events can be deleted by dragging off the automation control (vertically only)
  • You can remove all nodes from the volume or pan track (clear the track)
  • You can set all volume nodes to the same value (flatten the track)
  • You can change the length of silent cues by dragging the stop time in the automation control
  • Type the return key to finish editing a note. Use shift-return to enter a newline
  • Crash reports now include console log entries
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a possible crash when drawing the waveform
  • Fixed a possible crash after saving a cue sheet
  • Fixed a crash when opening a cue sheet with a missing output device when that device's driver reports as a device itself (such as DigiDesign)
  • Fixed a hang when dragging more than half the cues in a cue sheet
  • Output select buttons now work correctly for more than 8 channels of output
  • Deleting a cue when the last cue is on-deck no longer stops the cue sheet from working
  • Undoing the delete of a cue didn't always make the undeleted cue playable without closing and reopening the cue sheet
  • Escape key works as "stop all" even when typing in the note editor (up and down arrow keys work too)
  • Stop events correctly store their fade time now
  • Dragging the start time of a silent cue would cause strange display errors. It is no longer allowed
  • Pausing and restarting a looped cue works properly now, including after it loops
  • Silent cues now work correctly after changing the output device
  • Scrolling the automation control with a touchpad or other fine control surface now works correctly in 10.7
  • Dragging a start or stop event with the editor window open no longer slowly shrinks the width of the editor in 10.7
  • CPU usage display stays fully on-screen for machines with up to 231 cores
  • The built-in output works without re-setting in the output panel, when moving a cue sheet to a different type of Mac
  • Undoing and redoing changes to a cue's note correctly update the display
  • Now requires OS X 10.5 or higher, and an Intel processor.
  • Cue sheets saved with waveform data can not be opened with older versions of Macs Cue


  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • 1.67 GHz PPC, or Intel processor


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08 Oct 2013
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