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Adobe Flash Player App is a cross-platform, browser-based application runtime that provides uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across browsers and operating systems.
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  • Contain fixes for critical vulnerabilities
  • Intel
  • OS X 10.6 or later
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    • Google Chrome
    • Opera 11 or later

Adobe Flash Player... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 13.x:
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Derekcurrie reviewed on 20 Feb 2014
The security bulletin for this CRITICAL 'out of band' (unscheduled) update for both Flash Player and AIR can be found here:

"These updates resolve a stack overflow vulnerability that could result in arbitrary code execution (CVE-2014-0498).

"These updates resolve a memory leak vulnerability that could be used to defeat memory address layout randomization (CVE-2014-0499).

"These updates resolve a double free vulnerability that could result in arbitrary code execution (CVE-2014-0502)."

Needless to say, Flash is DANGEROUS to use. Either get rid of it, or don't play Flash media until after you've verified it is from a safe, reliable source.

Adobe: Is Flash really worth the pain to one and all?


Umaromc commented on 01 Aug 2013
MU has the link for the Content Debugger version, I don't know why. Here's the link for the Standalone app;
[Version 11.8.800.129]


GnomeC reviewed on 30 May 2013
Ok, I got to the stage where I implant the SWF inside this Flash player, then plant this package inside an Applescript that references to run its own package contents. You can actually make it like a stand-alone player, and on a Mac it is full-full screen.

The animation is a little slower, but it doesn't task the processor as much. The keyboard commands with meta-logic behave more soundly, and in my case the Flash Plug-In 11 sometimes would take in key-repeats too fast (like when you hold down an arrow-key) leading to 'NaN' problems.

All in all, I'm just left wondering whether the rest of the FScommand(); could possibly work from this player, beyond fullscreen=true? (in this case to execute Applescripts from a .swf?)



jjwjazz reviewed on 26 Mar 2013
Acuraice, call me a bitch? What is WITH you? This isn't InfoWars or something. Clean it up or stay away.

I had to uninstall the last beta and use the "stable" version. Who knows which number it was? With Adobe, digits are flying everywhere. I just know that videos seemed "jumpy" to me with the last beta. But then, I was watching Hiromi.

I think Adobe needs to really focus on HTML5, something that increases security, decreases CPU usage, and is stable enough for deployment over longer periods without major updating.

I do appreciate this: at least they have kept it free.
[Version 11.7.700.150]

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Maylbu replied on 12 Jun 2013
If you check "Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)" on System Preferences,it will update silently in the background.
No problems.

sjk replied on 11 Jul 2013
Maylbu, are you sure the preference for Flash Player plugin updates also applies to this standalone Flash Player app?


Palmharbor reviewed on 07 Mar 2013
This flash player is updated it seems about every ten days. I was getting annoying error messages
by the plugins and it took Applecare to help me get rid of them. I would not download ANY beta product of theirs..they can'g get non beta works to work without bugs from asking if memory can be increased 5 times a day to these other error messages. We need an alternative to this firms buggy apps
[Version 11.7.700.128]

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Libertyforall1776 replied on 14 Jun 2013
Stop installing betas if you are not proficient with a computer, betas are NOT for the average consumer!

JBX commented on 12 Feb 2013
[Version 11.6.602.167]

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Spaf replied on 07 Mar 2013
Intelligent critique.


zitronenmelissa reviewed on 04 Sep 2012
Very useful to play local flash-games (.swf)
[Version 11.4.402.265]


Pnn314 commented on 23 Nov 2011
Can not install the latest Adobe Flash player App!!!!

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sjk replied on 23 Nov 2011
If anywhere, your uselessly vague comment belongs under Troubleshooting instead of being a 1-star "review".

Acuraice replied on 04 Mar 2012
@pnn314 ignore the reatrd below who just had to say something bad about your totally valid comment!! i hate all the people on macupdate who click the frown symbols just bc you say something they don't agree with. bitches...all bitches they are


johncein reviewed on 07 Jul 2011
I can find there is a 'Content Debugger', "Windows Flash Player 9 Projector content debugger" which doesn't work to play .swf files on the desktop. Is there an specific application or URL that I'm overlooking that I could find a referral to?

Flv Player
[Version 9.0.115]



Dokter_mac reviewed on 29 Jun 2011
I'm not a big fan from Flash but I have to say that this application works as it should be.
Too bad that the icon from the app is the same as the Flash Player Installer Extension ;).


Quantumpanda had trouble on 14 Sep 2013
My problem isn't with the app itself, but with how MacUpdate Desktop handles it. I have the app installed (as part of CS4), but MUD links it only to the plugin. That is, if I tell MUD to download and install an update to the app, it downloads the plugin updater instead (which does not update the app). Since the plugin updates itself automatically behind the scenes, I don't need MUD to update it for me.

I have submitted the mismatch report from within MUD multiple times, as it has been there since I started using MUD, but it keeps coming up this way every time. What will it take to get this fixed?
[Version 11.9.900.93]

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dp8 replied on 16 Sep 2013
This issue has been addressed by our Content Team, and you should be seeing a proper match in MacUpdate Desktop now. Thanks for the feedback!


Quiiick rated on 12 Apr 2014



Quiiick rated on 11 Mar 2014



Quiiick rated on 07 Mar 2014



Quiiick rated on 04 Feb 2014



Quiiick rated on 24 Jan 2014



Quiiick rated on 11 Dec 2013

[Version 11.9.900.170]


Quiiick rated on 31 Oct 2013

[Version 11.9.900.149]

Artbeat63 rated on 24 Oct 2013

[Version 11.9.900.118]


CloudB rated on 06 Sep 2013

[Version 11.9.900.85]


Junk-App rated on 02 Aug 2013


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Adobe Flash Player App is a cross-platform, browser-based application runtime that provides uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across browsers and operating systems.

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