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07 April 2020

Build software systems reliably with object-oriented approach.


Visual Paradigm features all the UML diagrams and ERD tools essentially in system and database design. Modeling tools like Resource Catalog, Transitor, and Nicknamer make system modeling easy and cost-effective. Doc Composer lets you produce detailed design specification ready to use in discussion with just a few clicks. Visual Paradigm is a number of useful tools wrapped into one product with three levels of access to fit your needs (see pricing options here).

User story is a proven technique to capture and maintain user needs. With our UeXceler tool, you can write user stories and manage them with use cases, sprint and tags. All these can be done within Visual Paradigm, the design environment and on the web, anytime, anywhere. The wireframe and storyboard tools provide an effective way for the end users to preview the system, give comments and confirm requirements, all in requirements capturing phase. Wireframe and storyboard also help developers to design screens and implement system interactions.

Inquire the process visually using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) tool. Analyze the current (as-is) process then initiate changes for forthcoming (to-be) process. Animations are always more interesting than static images. That's why Visual Paradigm offers a Business Process Animation feature for you to turn static business process design into engaging business process movies. VPository provides a central repository for your team to synchronize and keep revisions history along with all your designs and files. PostMania allows stakeholders to comment on your design without the hassle of emailing back and forth.

What's new in Visual Paradigm

Version 16.1 (Build 20200401):
Visual Paradigm 16.1 introduces a number of new features, which includes:
  • Tabular - Smart Spreadsheet Software
  • DoDAF Toolset
  • NAF Toolset
  • MODAF Toolset
  • NeXus Canvas: Effective events and artifacts management
  • Gantt Chart
  • Defining your own VP Online diagrams
  • Connector legend
  • VP Online Diagrams: Diagram history
  • VP Online Diagrams: Mass shape copying (include gap resizer)
  • VP Online Diagrams: Ruler
  • VP Online Diagrams: Freehand shape
  • VP Online Diagrams: Embedded diagram
  • VP Online Diagrams: Angled text
Enhancements to Visual Paradigm 16.1 includes:
  • Implementation plan: UI for editing time units
  • Implementation plan: Change of bar styles
  • Implementation plan: Hiding numbers
  • Implementation plan: Removal of redundant space
  • Support of ArchiMate 3.1
  • Defining Viewpoint for non-ArchiMate diagram types
  • Use of user type (via stereotype) in defining viewpoint
  • Sub-diagrams management with ETL tables
  • VP Online Diagrams Home: Sorted diagram types
  • VP Online Diagrams Home: Diagram type filter
  • VP Online Diagrams Home: Recently created types
  • New networking symbols for VP Online Diagrams
  • VP Forms supported file upload component
  • Profile diagram is now a general diagram type
  • Just-in-Time Process: Text alignment of work item and column headers
  • Just-in-Time Process: Sizable work items
  • Just-in-Time Process: Colored work items
  • Just-in-Time Process: Configurable column width
  • Just-in-Time Process: Plain style column header in addition to the traditional chevron style
  • Just-in-Time Process: Cell padding
  • Just-in-Time Process: Cell background
  • Just-in-Time Process: Font weight support for lane headers
  • Just-in-Time Process: Font size for work items, column headers and lanes
  • Some Enterprise Edition features are made available in Professional Edition
  • Some Professional Edition features are made available in Standard Edition
  • VP Online Diagrams: Pareto chart - Display percentage for each column
  • VP Online Diagrams: Fit width of shapes in rack diagram
  • VP Online Diagrams: Fit height/width of stacks in column and bar chart

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4 Reviews of Visual Paradigm

05 August 2013
Version: 8.2

Most helpful

Nice post. You may be interested by the UML online modeler called GenMyModel. It designs UML-compliant class diagrams in a web-browser and generates code.
05 August 2013
Version: 8.2
Nice post. You may be interested by the UML online modeler called GenMyModel. It designs UML-compliant class diagrams in a web-browser and generates code.
22 July 2010
Version: 7.2
THIS IS AWSOME!!!! Might be a bit specialist for this site but this is the king of case tools for me now I have found it. Oh the community edition is easy to get just download it (it is not a trial it is free forever for the most used features basically - if you need enterprise level extras then you should be able to afford it as you probably work for a big company) is all automated the free license key for the community edition. I have never found a really great open source case tool but this is acceptable. You just get watermarks on printouts. I don't think we will ever see this much complexity in an open source CASE tool soon. I just used this to do entire database course at my school and it worked perfectly from UML to ER to ORM what a treat (SQL generation was really good). Drawing tools are really nice just like adobe. :) I will be using it now for all my UML work. This is WAY better than what we had in the labs I had been using. We had IBM stuff and it was okay but you sometimes find an app you think this is how I think and I would make this app - well this is it for me with UML. Pricing is great and there is an educational/small user type licenses thankfully!!! Basically it is stepped pricing with enterprise features charged for. Again if you have a need for it you have an income source to be able to buy it. You have TO TRY THIS OUT!!! They have the best CASE tool on the planet I think now. Runs great on OSX!!!! Did not reboot my laptop or it for about 6 weeks and it never crashed once. Java is not clunky at all they did it well it is smooth and fast with this...try and see. This is a 5 out of 5 for me!
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11 June 2008
Version: 6.3
Note: This is not a drag/drop install and a license key is required -- which must be requested from the publisher, even to evaluate the software or use the community version.
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06 July 2005
Version: 5.0
I thought a community edition was a freeware version, not a 30 day demo?