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26 April 2018

Versatile note organizer.


TopXNotes lets you create, view, organize, access and protect your notes.

Basic Features
  • Customize with many user Preferences- tune TopXNotes just the way you like it
  • Color text, style, font and font size, all user selectable, all saved, all cut / copy / paste, internal drag-and-drop note view to note view, unlimited UnDo
  • Cut / copy / paste and drag and drop to and from external applications
  • Recognize links (FTP, Web, and email, other?) and launch from them by a single click
  • Each note (page) can be identified by its number, full title, and organized by groups and categories you specify.
  • Theoretically unlimited notes
  • Theoretically unlimited note size
  • Note page turning arrows
  • Save automatically on page turn
  • Optional save on a time interval
  • Optional basic encryption
  • Export as either straight text or RTF
  • Import either straight text or RTF
  • New "note exchange" format
  • Export groups of notes
  • Drag Export and Import
  • Template pages for easily creating new kinds of notes
  • A set of 10 templates installed as part of this release including Web Accounts, Financial Accounts, and Serial Numbers and various other lists.
  • Provided a unique note pad for each system user
Advanced Features
  • QuickNotes menu - keep your "top notes" in a floater on your desktop always for easy access. MacWorld calls QuickNotes our killer feature!
  • MultilView - view more than one note view at once, as many as will fit on your display
  • NoteOrganizer - and advanced table of contents with category and group
  • Note Level Encryption
  • Read-Only notes
  • Find in notes and notepad
  • Many note back-up options

What's new in TopXNotes

Version 1.8.5:

Note: TopXNotes 1.8.x is a paid upgrade to TopXNotes from versions 1.0 through 1.4.2. If you purchased a license to TopXNotes going back to version 1.0 you are entitled to the $19.95 upgrade price. Note that TopXNotes 1.8.x is a free upgrade from version 1.5.0 through 1.7.5. Please note that installing this update will uninstall your existing older version.

  • Allow Find to start in NoteOrganizer.
  • Highlight rectangle after Find "Hit"
  • Fix crash on File/Export Note Group… to prevent too long export file names.
  • Fixed problem of Sync creating empty notes if iOS TopXNotes contained blank, untitled notes.
  • Fix to insure large data files open reliably.

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24 November 2010

Most helpful

It seems nice but could you update the interface a bit so it looks and feels like a mac app. I guess we are getting spoiled these days. Also, can you make the app keyboard user friendly, as of now I can't even activate the app with a hotkey let alone make a note or dig deeper. Five years this app has been around! I can't be the first to ask for a hotkey in 5+ years; if you use your mouse for everything, check it out but it's definitely not for us keyboard-centric users. Nice start, scratch that it's been out for a long time, nice app... umm I hope to see a more keyboard friendly version one day. It has five stars, no app I have seen recently has five stars, so congrats dev or shame on you people for shilling this app! Joke, please, nobody get offended, I can see why users like it. It just needs a facelift and some keyboard hotkeys or navigation to make me take another look, it seems powerful though for note taking.
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Version 1.6.1
19 April 2017
I have found TopXNotes to be a top of the line note organizer. I wanted a more robust replacement for Apple's Notepad (Stickies) and I found it in this application. I use it daily to manage my text based notes like my to-do lists, contact notes, and URLs. It has many extras built right into it including find, find and replace, and encryption. The encryption lets you place a password restriction to certain notes that will keep your private information from prying eyes. The autosave feature helps protect your information when you forget to periodically save the data. It can be set to save automatically on page turn or save after a time interval. Lastly, TopXNotes has options to sync my notes with my Apple iPad.
Version 1.8.3
15 January 2017
Around 10 years ago the developer came to a Computer Group meeting in my town and exposed us to TopXNotes, and what has turned out to be one of the most useful programs I've ever used on my MAC. Through many OS updates, the program has worked well, with continual little improvements but nothing to make me relearn the software. I'm using probably half of its features, but it continues to work the way I want it to, and I'd be lost without it. I've looked at other highly touted Note-type programs, but have found nothing that would make me want to change. My hat's off to the TopXNotes folks for a most useful, stable app.
Version 1.8.3
08 September 2014
Bought about 2 -3 weeks ago after seeing the ratings and reading the features list. A little pricey but if if works I have no problem paying for it. However: 1) I hope I am out to lunch here and am blind, but I was really bummed the first time that I tried to find a note that had a URL that I needed. The features list talks about a Find, however, the find that it is talking about is "inside" a note. I spent a couple hours migrating notes from another app, so had 40-50 Top Layer and 100 + lower layer notes. THERE IS NO "GLOBAL" FIND. I guess the thinking was that one would use "Categories" i.e. (TAGS). So I started to use Categories but then found I could only have 1 Category; not enough to differentiate. Was disappointed with that. I am an old man....memory no workee 2) I can't get Dictation to work, even thought it works in Bean, Word, TextEdit at the same time and on the same screen. I was hoping that there was a conflicting shortcut key, but I changed it a couple times but no joy.....Maybe it is just me, but..... 3) No ability to import images, or at least .pdf's...I could understand for a Freebee, but $20-30 and I can't throw a .pdf in with my note. Half of my notes are stuff I have gleaned from other places, or images from screen shots With that said...this app has a lot of amazing functions that you normally would not see, you did a great job and I have really tried to work with it. I can possible get around the Global Find by using a combination of the Title(Note Name), Category, and then using the "Index" option in the organizer that sorts the notes on Note Name. Just an awful lot of work for an easy (????) implementation on your side. However, the fact that I can't include a .pdf in my note is the big show stopper for me...Maybe I expected to much...I will continued to monitor your Web-Site to see if the .pdf issue and the Global Find is ever resolved, if so then I will jump on the bandwagon again. I don't include the dictation issue. It's more likely on my side (I hope). SO.. : Global Find and .pdf paste/import within a note and I would be an extremely happy camper. If I am wrong on any of these please let me know and I will fix my rating and edit/redo my Review layne
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Version 1.8.0
3 answer(s)
28 April 2015
I am not sure how I missed your comments but the frequency of comments on here has dropped and I just missed it. My apologies for the tardy reply. All 3 of your comments are correct, but in fairness we have never advertised or promoted TopXNotes to have those features. And I think it would be fairer to evaluate is on whether we provide what we say we provide, and I think we do.

On the positive side, all three of those are excellent ideas for additions to a future version. I will definitely see that they get in our feature request list.
18 January 2017
To the developer: I'm afraid that I disagree that it would be fairer to comment on the features you do include - the comments are all features that one could reasonably expect to be incorporated into a notes type product (with the possible exception of dictation), and knowing about their omission is very valuable to potential adopters of the product.
Tropical Software, Inc.
Tropical Software, Inc.
23 June 2017
Nick, thanks for the continuing comments. What I was trying to get across is that we have never stated that we allow import if images, just text notes. We do have a new version that will handle images coming out but it is not ready for release yet. As to "global find", one can search "globally", but the results are displayed one "hit" at a time. Adding a table showing all "hits", at least as an option, is a good idea and we plan to link into it. Thanks for keeping the dialog going.
22 August 2014
I've been using TopXNotes for several years now and it has become my central repository for all the sensitive info I don't want to store in the Cloud, such as credit card numbers, account logins/passwords, etc. (You may think that's old-fashioned, but have you been watching the news??). The app starts very quickly, which is important since I use it all the time, and the info is easy to organize and sort and search. Given the sensitive data I store in there, I really appreciate its password protection--wouldn't use it without it. My only requests to the developers are: 1) allow the FIND command at any time, not just when the focus/cursor is in the detail window, and 2) make it easier to see and change the text attributes (font, font size, color, etc.)
Version 1.8.0
11 August 2014
Syncing is much faster now in version 1.8.0. It usually takes under two seconds to sync a few files. Right-clicking on the toolbar allows it to be customized to have the functions used most. The striped background in the NoteOrganizer window makes it easy to read. The ability to sort by note name, category, creation date, and modified date allows quickly isolating the notes wanted. TopXNotes allows password-protecting the whole database or individual notes. It also supports write-protected notes. Groups are like tags as a note can be in numerous groups.
Version 1.8.0
30 July 2014
I've been using TopXNotes for several years, and have just upgraded from Version 1.4.2 to 1.8, running on Mavericks. The app has served me faithfully throughout, remaining a very handy way to easily store and retrieve all sorts of info. I keep notes on motorcycling, computing, photographing, and several other subjects. I'll often use it to save some commentary I've seen on a website when I just want the info and not the full web page. Some features that I like that are new to me in 1.8 include the Index and Category tabs, and syncing with the companion iPhone app. The password protection is a nice addition for some of the more sensitive info I keep. When I first synced the desktop app with the phone app, I expected the phone to also sync the password protection. It didn't, and I would like that added to the phone app. Even with the added features, what I like best about the app is its simplicity and ease of use. It has no superfluous bells and whistles, and that's fine with me.
Version 1.8.0
11 February 2014
TopXNotes is a stable, refined workhorse. Excellent note organizational tools.
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Version 1.7.5
1 answer(s)
24 June 2014
With an interface that gives me heavy flashbacks to OS 9 though.... That could use a touch up, imho.
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13 September 2012
This software is very easy to use and to come-up-to-speed on. I installed it and then immediately started using it. During my first day using this software I had to go to 5 meetings (4 different projects) and make 10-12 phone calls. At the end of the day I had created 8 pages of notes in TopXNotes. Great software!
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Version 1.7.4
28 August 2012
Clean, intuitive and easy to use...I like the flexibility and practical aspects of this program. I use it for storing passwords, and other private information.
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Version 1.7.3
22 February 2012
Use: 4 years Strengths: Robust Note organiser provides fast access to notes as I need them. Notes auto saaved as you change focus. Weaknesses: There is no graphics support in the notes; Links to other notes or files would be nice. Overall: Overall a good product - it has withstood my user time-test ... I am still using it (unlike several others I have tried) so it must be doing all the basics that I need. Also good interaction with the developer for ideas, etc.
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Version 1.7.2