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07 February 2005

Clean up clutter from RadioSHARK imported audio.


RadioRemora is a helper application to do some clean-up and enhance audio files created with the RadioSHARK by Griffin Technologies, using the features of iTunes on Mac OS X.

RadioRemora deletes files as part of its operation (it cleans up after RadioShark), and so configuration should be done with care to ensure accidental loss of data is avoided.

RadioRemora copies all of the tracks from your "RadioShark" playlist to a new "RadioRemora" playlist, and:

  1. Changes the name of the track to reflect the air date of the show
  2. Adds meta-data about the recording
  3. Optionally cleans out the old files from iTunes, and the OS (even the "raw files" that RadioShark creates
  4. Optionally changes the file type of the modified shows to be "Audio Books" so that pausing and resuming of long programs is easier
  5. Optionally cleans out the files it creates based on a "time to live" option you set, so you always have a clean set of recorded shows
  6. Optionally re-encode RadioShark files to match the "import" settings in iTunes

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  • PPC 32
  • or later
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