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TimeNet Law3.3

11 August 2020

Software suite for law offices.


TimeNet Law is time management and billing software for law firms, private investigators, and others who are looking for a Timeslips replacement for OS X.

  • Built for OS X (Universal Binary)
  • Easy-to-learn Interface
  • Fully networkable (LAN, WAN or Cloud)
  • Conflict-of-Interest checking
  • Flat fee billing, contingency billing, joint billing, and split billing between parties
  • Advanced reporting
  • Full accounting functionality that can practically run your accounting department
  • Unlimited timekeepers, clients, matters, and payments
  • Client- and matter-level trust, escrow, and retainer accounts
  • Apple Calendar, Contacts, and Mail integration
  • Document everything with unlimited narrative support
  • Automatic bookkeeper and one-click billing
  • Global control of timers via the menu bar
  • Automatic backup keeps data safe
  • User logins, permissions, database full auditing
  • UTBMS and LEDES compatible
  • And many more features

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What's new in TimeNet Law

Version 3.3:
New Features:
  • New option to show retainer funds total in main window
  • New option to show investment total (unbilled+A/R - retainer funds total) in main window
  • New Redesigned Conflict Checker
    • Waive conflicts for each client, with optional reason
    • See and waive conflicts from Conflicts Report
    • See all client and matter parties from Client Info Window
    • See conflicts from Matter Settings > Matter Parties
    • Manage conflict waivers for each client under Client Info Window > Parties/Conflicts tab
  • New option to set and increment Invoice numbers at the client level
  • Support for invoice numbers with dashes (example: 2020-005-101 will count up to 2020-005-102, 2020-005-103, etc)
  • New option in client settings to exclude client from emailed invoices in One Click Billing
  • New option to turn tax on or off and customize tax rates individual expenses
  • Control Center has new Lockout features
  • Window > Reset Window Placement now works in more windows
  • Many UI improvements
  • Many invoice layout improvements
  • CONTROL CENTER: New option to turn on lockout for all users or users not on latest version of TimeNet Law
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with timekeeper rate labels that use certain symbols
  • Fixed an issue where markdowns might not show on the invoice, even though they were calculated correctly
  • Fixed an issue with percentage discounts on master matters
  • Fixed an issue with discounts and taxes billed from master matters
  • Fixed an issue with logging in to TimeNet Law when using Control Center
  • Fixed a rare issue where multiple menubar icons could appear
  • Fixed formatting of discounts in One Click Billing
  • Fixed a rare issue with joint invoices that include complex tax and/or discount settings
  • Fixed an issue with invoice numbering and One Click Billing
  • Fixed an issue with blank shortcuts
  • Fixed an issue with One Click Billing and invoice emailing
  • Fixed an issue when sorting by last name with clients ending in "Inc.", "LLC, "ESQ", etc.
  • Many more small improvements and compatibility fixes for Big Sur and Apple Silicon Macs (now fully compatible)

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5 Reviews of TimeNet Law

22 July 2010
Version: 2.2.6

Most helpful

My firm with 6+ timekeepers uses TimeNet Law and I have been well pleased with this system. Timekeeping for lawyers is challenging in and of itself, much less on a mac platform. The developer is extremely responsive and has been very helpful with any transition issues any of my users have had. I highly recommend this software.
22 July 2010
Version: 2.2.6
My firm with 6+ timekeepers uses TimeNet Law and I have been well pleased with this system. Timekeeping for lawyers is challenging in and of itself, much less on a mac platform. The developer is extremely responsive and has been very helpful with any transition issues any of my users have had. I highly recommend this software.
patrelli law group
17 December 2008
Version: 1.9.4
We were looking and looking and looking, so I was thrilled when I came across this software. It has quickly become an intricate part of our firm. The organization and billing our powerful and simple to set up, keeping track of funds and past due balances is automatic and the networking works very well. The only thing I think this software is missing is a reporting option, and the ability to import/export data into other programs. Once these two things are added I think this software will be unbeatable. There's nothing else like it out there, and this is definitely the best replacement for Timeslips I've found yet for mac.
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07 August 2007
Version: 1.1.5
I've made a HUGE mistake sending any money to this "company". The software is very shoddy (not just this product, but also Master of my Domain -- do not buy either) and the support is completely lacking. 1. Trial version will show you nothing, encouraging you to buy before you've had the chance to adequately decide if it is worth it. 2. Serial number takes about a WEEK to arrive. 3. Support emails will mostly go ignored, deny you have any sort of problem (even if it is crashing consistently). 4. Any attempts to resolve, including, but not limited to, requesting a refund will similarly go ignored. Customer service is about as good as the quality of programming and technical support: NIL! Unfortunately, I really have thrown my money away. I'm left with a piece of garbage that will not run, and a hole in my bank account where my money once was. I tried to resolve the dispute with PayPal and with the developer. A refund is not given, nor were my issues even addressed. I really hope that this will help someone out there before they decide to drop any money on it. One more thing: I think they're a scam. The trial version is so badly limited, that you feel almost required to buy, just to TRY it. Once you buy, it takes eons to receive a serial number. Only then do you discover that it crashes incessantly making it completely unusable. Support is a joke. Learn from my mistake!!
30 January 2006
Version: 1.1.5
TimeNet Law is AWESOME! I bought four copies for my firm about a month ago and have been working with the developer to fix a few bugs. This is truly a great solution. I'm thrilled to say goodbye to Timeslips and say hello to OS X! Check this out, you won't regret it.
02 May 2005
Version: 1.0.2
Ridiculously overpriced! And people complain about lawyers' fees... This software is not sufficient to run your practice, so you will have to buy another application which will duplicate most of TimeNet Law's functions. If you are a Mac-Addict lawyer, my suggestion is LawStream (http://www.lawstream.com). It costs more, but it integrates all of your docketing, accounting and file management into one suite. The only upside to TimeNet Law is that it has a nice time-tracking interface. But if that is what you want/need, try OfficeTime or even just the regular TimeNet. Basically they offer the same functions at a fraction of the cost.
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App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.10.0 or later
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