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BBEdit PHP Glossary


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BBEdit PHP Glossary

10 December 2007

BBEdit glossary for 6,000 PHP functions.


BBEdit PHP Glossary is a PHP glossary for BBEdit. It contains glossary items for nearly 6000 PHP functions, constants, control structures, and code snippets. This glossary is based on PHP 5 but includes all functions available in version 4 and 3. This gallery is created from the online documentation so the functions should function exactly as documented. Enjoy!

What's new in BBEdit PHP Glossary

Version 3.1 fixes a problem some users may have experienced trying to download the clipping set. All seems to be working properly now. Version 3.0 is an update to the clipping set that:
  • Continues to contain around 6,000 function definitions (whatever is in the official PHP documentation)
  • Is based on a recent version of the official documentation
  • Allows tabbing between function parameters (very handy…)
  • Provides additional information when inserting a function (the return type, for example)
  • Optionally includes predefined constants for each function
As always, there are links to instructions for creating your own set (be sure to download the Extras to get the source XSLT stylesheets).

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