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15 November 2004

Manage & launch control panels.


MyControls is Tropical Software's solution for managing and launching Mac OS control panels. Users may access Control Panels in one large window similar to the Mac OS X System Preferences or in seperate toolbars. MyControls controls your Mac's control panels
  • Classic System Preferences Window- Display all Apple Control Panels in one large window like the Mac OSX "System Preferences" window (see above). In a fashion similar to Apple's OS X System Preferences window, MyControls' window is divided into Personal, Hardware, "Internet & Networking", and System sections.
  • Toolbars- MyControls also allows the display of separate toolbar like windows with either Personal, Hardware, "Internet & Networking", or System Control Panels.
MyControls Network Control Panels Window
  • Multiple Monitor Support- MyControls also allows the docking of any toolbar any screen edge and handles multiple monitors and screen resolution changes correctly.
  • Contextual Menu Power Unique to Tropical Software applications is the use of contextual menus for choosing toolbar window size, floating vs. docked, and if docked, screen edge to dock, and all "on the fly".
  • MyControls - Tropical's new Control Panel launcher and management utility.

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