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Search for duplicate songs in iTunes/iPod.   Shareware ($10.00)
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iTunes Dupes Barrier allows you to search the duplicate songs inside the iTunes and iPod songs' databases.
What's New
Version 1.2.4:
  • Added full compatibility with Snow Leopard.
  • Added full compatibility with iTunes 9.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, iTunes 4.0 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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Slavek reviewed on 28 Jul 2013
Never, never, never use this crap. Ok. You can use it if you have backup or a month to restore your library from CD.
[Version 1.2.4]


nowheredense commented on 31 Jul 2008
The new version 1.2.2 is indeed compatible with iTunes 7.7.1.

I really appreciate this software's flexibility in how duplicates are to be found. Good effort & work by the developer.
[Version 1.2.2]

poler commented on 16 May 2007
This does not work with iTunes 7 and my iPod. After sending the developer 20 emails with error codes so they could debug their product they tell me they don't know how. Then they have the testes to refuse a refund as it worked with iTunes 6 so they're not responsible! Definately not recommended. A rip off.
[Version 1.1.9]

Paloma33 commented on 12 Apr 2007
This doesn't add anything that I can see beyond what iTunes own "Show Duplicates" command already does. It does have the option to search for duplicates on an iPod, which might be useful if you manually manage your iPod, but not doing this myself and that may also "duplicate" iTunes own
function. A much better option is iDupe, which does what is really needed: isolate a set of potential duplicates and pick the best one according to a number of options, and then give you the choice to delete all but that one. It also will deal with a large selection of tracks at a time, so you don't have to manually push delete for each one, while still giving you the chance to adjust which track(s) to keep first. iDupe also lets you retain stuff like played count, ratings, playlists, etc. It also deals with dead tracks a lot better, and includes fuzzy matching. Moreover not only is it cheaper, you can pretty much use it unrestricted for as long as you want before paying for it. The thing is neither Dupes Barrier or iDupe work unless your ID3 tags are somewhat accurate. If you want music fingerprint matching you have to go with something like Phelix, which I haven't tried, but by its very nature would have to be incredibly slow and even the description page for it is a major CPU hog.
[Version 1.1.9]


ben_marko commented on 02 Feb 2007
You can find an Applescript that does this for free at Doug's Applescripts for iTunes.
[Version 1.1.8]


Tom Ledbetter commented on 21 Sep 2006
iTunes 7 under the view menu has the option to View Duplicates.
[Version 1.1.6]


dukemunk commented on 14 Dec 2005
how many of other programs do you have that have the same features in the original program? How do you get by?
[Version 1.1.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Aug 2005
I don't need this, iTunes already does this. What I need is a tool to find songs that have NOT been put in to playlists, with a music library of over 5000 songs, doing that your self can be a pain! And songs can get lost forever! iPhoto has a App for that, why can't iTunes?
[Version 1.1.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Mar 2005
This program ended up in the same place it allowed me to send one file at a time. In the TRASH that is!

You got to be kidding me. One file at a time. Listen, not that I have ever registered a shareware program in my life but I am sure some people do. So for those that do, you could at least allow for the program to actually work as in uncrippled. Yes, you could say well then no one will ever pay you. Maybe, but maybe limit it to a 30 day trial or for 1 week. Indeed most people are going to delete all the Dupes in there Itunes. sooner or later it's going to fill back up with more duplicates. In my opinion I will never rember your product not because you gave me a crappy trial use (one file to delete at a time) but because the experience of it actually working never happened. Think about those apples. Again I will probably never register your shareware or anyones shareware because sonner or later there will be a free program that does the same thing but I am sure some people do register. Have a nice Day.
[Version 1.1.1]

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Anonymous commented on 20 Jun 2005
very sad that you feel it necessary to brag about how you do not pay for shareware and never will.

if you examine some of the wonderful shareware programs, you will find that many perform very well, and are in most instances as good or better than commercial software.
and there are certainly many good programs released as freeware as well.

keep in mind, shareware ($ registration fee) programs are generally written by honest and ethical people providing a service and expecting fair compensation -- something you have not yet learned about.

shareware authors deserve support, please take your bragging about not paying somewhere else.

Anonymous reviewed on 15 Nov 2004
Actually, the lastest version of iTunes (4.7) only lets you search for duplicate songs in your local iTunes database. It does not let you find duplicates on your iPod.
[Version 1.0.3]

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Anonymous commented on 14 Dec 2004
Not if you have iPodDownload installed. Then you can search duplicates on the iPod as well, and within iTunes.

And its free.
In2metta had trouble on 02 Jan 2005
Well, it does find the duplicates.
however, in the list page, it shows both, so I still have to go through and delete one by one, as if I were to delete both listings, there would be none of that track...
Isn't that what iTunes already does?
Unless I am missing something, this may not be the best way to spent $10.00
[Version 1.1]

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Date:05 Oct 2009
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $10.00
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iTunes Dupes Barrier allows you to search the duplicate songs inside the iTunes and iPod songs' databases.

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