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12 June 2006

Map georeferenced data.


iMap is a powerful yet easy-to-use mapping application for Mac OS X. iMap imports georeferenced data from databases or spreadsheets and maps it onto image or vector maps. Database queries can be used to map only a subset of the record or to filter the records for a certain criterion. Thanks to its plug-in format, data can be represented as symbols, charts, images... Maps can be exported as high-quality PDF files for cross-platform viewing.

What's new in iMap

Version 3.5 (3.1.1):

New features
  • iMap now imports industry standard GPX files, an XML based format for storing GPS data
  • It is now possible to use custom symbols in addition to the standard symbol set
  • Records can now be exported to KML for integration with Google Earth
  • Record labels can now be placed above, below, to the left or to the right of their symbol instead of only below the symbol
  • Record coordinates can now be copied to the clipboard by selecting Edit - Copy Coordinates
  • It is now possible to set the size of a record to be proportional to the square root of a field value, resulting in a more proportional representation
  • iMap now includes a Spotlight-plugin that enables Spotlight to search the database of every iMap document
  • When opening an iMap document from Spotlight, iMap will show only relevant records
  • The online help has been redesigned and expanded. It now includes demonstration movies.
  • iMap 3.5 and all standard plugins are now universal binaries, running at native speed on new Intel based Macs
Bug fixes and improvements
  • Symbol size, transparency and other attributes can now be adjusted by entering a value in a text field
  • Previous/Next buttons in the Record Inspector now retain their position
  • Changes made in the Record Inspector are now immediately reflected on the map
  • Fixed a bug in the Record Inspector that could accidentally change a field value when using the Previous/Next buttons before ending text editing
  • Latitude / longitude numbers are now correctly formatted throughout the application, based on the number settings in the System Preferences
  • Latitude / longitude precision has been improved
  • The online coordinate lookup has been fixed
  • When using a plugin without the required data, a question mark is now displayed
  • Fixed a graphics bug that could cause odd "smearing" when scrolling the map directly after using the zoom slider
  • Importing two tab delimited text files without a header row no longer trims the first row of the second file (Thanks to Dan Graf)
  • The update checker functionality has been restored
  • Improved zooming accuracy

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4 Reviews of iMap

06 October 2004
Version: 3.0

Most helpful

This is a VERY unfortunate application name, since IMAP is a widely-used email protocol. Please, PLEASE, think, or at least do a little research, before you choose a name for your app.
09 August 2007
Version: 3.5 as a website was a godsend I felt, but once a file was exported by KML to Google Earth each point had to be manipulated one by one which is rather time consuming with 250 points to deal with. I thought Imap would make life easier. I found that for my needs imap offers exactly the same services as the above website or less and charges me $200 for the privilege. The vector maps for Asia supplied by imap are crude and each country is separate so that I can't see the Indian subcontinent as a whole. The South East Asia map provided through the imap website was not accepted into imap and the resolution was too poor whereas GPS visualiser offered a range of maps free of charge that work. I think more people are going to use Google Earth where the map can be tilted, moved and scaled to perfection so imap should concentrate on making mapping easier on Google earth. Imap should develop an interface to modify fields and points on Google Earth itself, before the map can be exported as a Tiff file or similar that does not lose resolution unlike JPEGs that swiftly lose their quality if taken from Google. I would like to make custom icons, modify the icons simultaneously according to group membership rather than one by one, and export the map ... I think so far imap has been a waste of money. GPS Visualiser has everything you need for basic mapping at the moment - imap is a consumer ride to not very far for the money you spend.
18 June 2007
Version: 3.5
I don't know how anyone can claim this app as "powerful". I'm a geographer that uses ESRI ArcMap all day and this app is so basic it's useless for anything except plotting a bunch of points or displaying a vector map or raster image. Bundling a freely available composite satellite image as a "feature" is very poor form. This product might be worth 3o bucks if you've got a GPS. $199 is a joke.
08 December 2004
Version: 3.0
This is a simply brilliant piece of software for anyone who wants to plot spacial data in a simple and effective manner. It has found great favour with people working with biological data, but my own use is a bit different. I use it to map human geneaological information.Whether you simply want to plot a map of your family history, or deal with a large data set for professional purposes, this is a great place to start. The newfound ability to use Mapinfo .e00 export files is simply fantastic. Its probably the simplest way of reading GIS data available for Macs. iMap 2 was great, but iMap3 opens a whole new set of possibilities. Well done! Love it! Cheers Rod
06 October 2004
Version: 3.0
This is a VERY unfortunate application name, since IMAP is a widely-used email protocol. Please, PLEASE, think, or at least do a little research, before you choose a name for your app.