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23 September 2004

Create/manage compressed files and archives.


Gooeynix 1.1 is a graphical tool that will allow you to create and manage compressed files and archives by using the power of Unix. You can create a single file of complex directories (compressed or un-compressed) making it portable across networks (emails, downloads, etc.) and disks (backups to secondary media). You can also compress or uncompress single files or the contents of whole directories. All the files you create are 100% compatible with Mac OS X, Unix, and Windows.

Product Features: 

  • Create archives ("tarballs") through a graphical interface 
  • Compress files with a click of the mouse 
  • Extract compressed files and entire directories 
  • Un-archive "tarballs" (widely used archiving format compatible with Windows) 
  • Create compressed archives all in one step 
  • Add files to existing archives

What's new in Gooeynix

Version 1.1:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an intermittent crash which occurred after prolonged use.
  • Improved updating abilities within the "tar" command.


  • Archives are now created from their actual folders. Therefore, when an archive is extracted the original folders appear without parent directories. If the archive is extracted from within Gooeynix, these folders are automatically placed in a folder named after the archive as to avoid misplacing folders. Note: If you are creating an archive for general use (i.e. for people without Gooeynix) place all your folders in a a single parent folder so that when it is extracted the folders will remain together.  This is true for any archiving system and is just good practice.
  • Added the ability to re-open the Gooeynix window without re-launching the application, should it be closed on accident.

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