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SWF Army Knife

06 September 2004

SWF shell for advanced commands.


SWF Army Knife (SAK) is a "shell" program that runs around your SWF file. The SWF file will contain all interface and interactivity elements, but SAK is there for doing things that Flash cannot. It is designed with the flash application developer in mind for CD/DVD ROM creation who requires some of the advanced system commands that are unavailable with the Flash engine. There is no need to publish cross-platform projectors, you merely publish the single SWF file which is imported at runtime by the approprite SAK for the current platform. SAK is already set up with all commands available and waits for your flash program to call for them.

Authoring requires only Flash and a text reader (web browsers work best) to read in the output file that acts as the program message window. Here is an example of typical authoring steps.

  • Author your SWF file and publish it as "Main.swf" to the "data" folder.
  • Launch SAK and it will read in your commands when they are called (by button click or whatever method you chose).
  • For debugging, it is recommended that you open the "sakOutput.txt" file in a Web browser and keep it open while authoring so that when you want to see the returned value that SAK is sending the SWF file you merely click the refresh/reload button. Please note that the content in this file starts fresh every time SAK is launched.
  • To make changes, quit the SAK program and re-launch when they are done. If you make changes to the "Main.swf" file while SAK is running, they will NOT be reflected until you relaunch SAK.

For more in-depth descriptions of all of the functions and processes of SAK, please see the SWF Army Knife User Guide

The unregistered demo version of SAK is fully functional. On each startup it will display a registration dialog box and will run for a maximum of 5 minutes before shutting itself down. When the program is registered, all restrictions will be removed.

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