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02 June 2006

Organize passwords or other data.


Passwords-Lines helps keep your passwords organized. It has two different databases, One side or database allows you to store and easily retrieve all those hundreds of passwords you thought you saved someplace. The other side of the database allows you to organize, store and retrieve all the data you always wanted to get together for your Credit Cards, Insurance, Leases, Mortgages and College Loans. It even allows you to bring together all the Investments you have at different brokerage firms, banks, mutual funds etc. Both sides of the databases interact in this relational database.

What's new in Passwords-Lines

Version 2.0:
  • Now Freeware.
  • Encrytion : All Passwords, historical passwords and account number are encryted whenever you wish. The encryption technique uses a combination of a base conversion (from base-10 to base-32) and scrambling. All Passwords, historical passwords and account number are automatically encrypted upon quitting the program.
  • Yada Container : A container that holds voice recordings of important information you wish to save.
  • Data Container : A container that hold pdf or text files for easy access.
  • Categories are self defineable

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