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28 February 2020

Astrological package.


Kairon is an astrology calculation software for highest precision calculations.

Kairon will not do any interpretations for you, nor will it teach you astrology.

Kairon can be very individually configured, or it can be used with the standard settings as is. All settings take immediate effect and are no longer outside of the app like in previous versions.

  • Self updating atlas, that will go with every update of the MacOS itself.
  • 26 house systems both counterclockwise and also clockwise
  • Gauquelin sectors
  • 29 Anayamsas
  • 24 Aspects plus parallel and counterparallel
Kairon contains the Ephemeris data for
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto
  • true and mean Nodes.
Additionally you have the following Asteroids and Objects built in:
  • True and Mean Lilith
  • Chiron
  • Pholus
  • Nessus
  • Lilith (Asteroid)
  • Ceres
  • Pallas
  • Juno
  • Vesta
  • Isis
  • Quaoar
  • Sedna
  • Vulcan
  • Part of Fortune
  • Part of Spirit
  • Vertex
  • and more, including Eris, Witte's planets and many asteroids...

You can load more than 11.000 Astroids and configure their symbols using almost any fonts you can find

There are two Zodiacs, one with twelve equal signs, the other with those twelve equal signs surrounded by 13 differently sized signs which reflects the actual sky at night.

Included is also the medieval square chart and the two basic vedic square charts.

There is also a zodiac with vehlow sun-houses included

Retograde objects are (optionally) drawn in a separate color, but you can also use the regular color and have the "R" or "sR" attached.

The chartwheel and the aspectgrid can be scaled, colors can be stored in setting objects, so you can switch your look and feel with your moods.

The following Methods are implemented:
  • Synastry
  • Composite
  • Combine
  • Solar
  • Lunar
  • Personar
  • Transits (static and animated)
  • Time machine (static and animated)
  • Progressions with Lunar phases
  • Directions
  • Harmonics
  • List with exact aspects for a certain period of choice

Near the graphic view an optional listing can be displayed, showing

  • Positions of chosen objects
  • Dignities (medieval or classical)
  • Firdaria
  • Nakshatras
  • Vedic dignities
Special features
  • Orbis choker (in addition to individual object and aspect orbs)
  • Rollover comments (showing position and extended dignities)
  • Many settings for the display of the chartwheel
  • Geocentric, heliocentric and topocentric calculations
  • Entered charts can be grouped
  • Any charts can be easily relocated
  • Powerful color config tool allowing grouping of objects
  • Automatic ftp-download of asteroids, where ephemeris is missing
  • Arabic parts configurator
  • Fixed stars as objects
  • Sensitive to darkmode and lightmode with one responsive color default

What's new in Kairon

Version 4.03:
  • Time-management of historical charts, relocationNew features:
  • 3 new chartwheels to be found in Preferences: General Settings: Default Chart Stile
  • Time Machine now automatically gets the actual chart-data and changes there can be saved to the selected chart.

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9 Reviews of Kairon

06 March 2011
Version: 3.5.12

Most helpful

I've been using 3.6 for several months now.
06 March 2011
Version: 3.5.12
I've been using 3.6 for several months now.
28 July 2010
Version: 3.5.12
I forgot to give it stars. This software is for astrologers as it does not provide any interpretation texts, it is for calculations.
28 July 2010
Version: 3.5.12
The best.. it actually has an accompanying iKairon app (iPhone).
24 April 2009
Version: 3.5.12
Great application for the price.
30 November 2004
Version: 3.03
It's a great piece of software. Stable and has an amazing number of features for the price. Kilian is great to deal with sends answers email personally. I got it with the ACS atlas and that is a real bargain. I think in the future it would be cool if he added fixed stars.
09 October 2004
Version: 3.03
Kairon is a very interesting and well made program! It runs perfectly on my system without any crashes. With some skills in looking and reading it took me no longer than 5 seconds to find out who developed it and where the developer lives! Read before you complain! What would help a little would be some explanation features! Thanks to the developer for that great work!
07 August 2004
Version: 3.03
I downloaded it and played with it for a while. As it turned out to be a truly nice program, I paid my $35. Here is my rating. I don't use the rate buttons because, as a localiser, I may be considered to be incompetent. Please note however that I created Japanese.lproj just because I found Kairon 3 so nice and I did not make money by it. Features: 4 stars. I should give 5 stars because it combines advanced features, e.g. data input in Julian date, and beautiful GUI. As far as Mac astrological programs are concerned, the only competitive would be Kairon 2.19 of the same author. However I'm very demanding ;-) For example, I'd like to have Inspector for modifying time and locational coordinates so that I can fine-tune them with Radix displayed. Ease of Use: 4 stars. Though you can use most of the features intuitively, some of them -- e.g. Style section of Preferences -- would require you to read Online Tutorial. Value: 5 stars. If not, I would never have paid ;-) Stability: 5 stars. Never had a crash since the release of Kairon 3.01. I just don't understand why Mr. Adams had a trouble in contacting the author. Is so difficult to find? The author is very responsive. At my feature request, he kindly added Private atlas to 3.02.
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02 August 2004
Version: 3.03
I paid my $35 dues, downloaded, and have some relevant, and intelligent questions. The problem I have with this download is that the sellers/vendors/owners/designers ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE. WHO ARE THEY? WHERE ARE THEY? If you have questions, or need help, they are in absentia!!! This is not businesslike, nor honest tradesmanship.Ware Adams, Chicago, Illinois.
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01 August 2004
Version: 3.03
Ahhh! What the world needs is more game developers like this. But how do you know when you've won or lost??