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OpenMark is an OpenGL benchmark for Mac OS X. OpenMark tests the raw speed of the video card drawing a variable (automatic or user-defined) number of triangles and generates a screenshot and a text report of the results.
What's New
Version 1.60: This is the REAL Universal Binary (thanks to radha) due to a bug translating the old project for the new xcode. I apologize for the problem.

Version 1.50 is now a Universal Binary, for PPC and Intel platforms

Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, G4 / Intel 400MHz or above, GeForce 2 / Radeon 32DDR

*Previously available here

MacUpdate - OpenMark

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OpenMark User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Nicolas Goles reviewed on 08 Aug 2007
808,xxx,xxx triangles to get to 1 FPS

benchmark final score: 8128

Power Mac G5, dual proc 1.8 ghz
1.3 gb ram

Ati radeon 9700 pro AGP 8X card.

At first run , the app would Quite unexpectedly when I tried to benchmark. rebooted and working fine now.
[Version 1.60]

p.amadeus commented on 29 Dec 2006
Scored 19170 running the benchmark on my G5 Quad-Core with 2.5GB RAM and GeForce 7800GTX 512MB card.
[Version 1.60]

SuperLuca commented on 12 Mar 2006
Imac intel 2.0 Ghz 1,5Gb ram ATI radeon x1600 256Mb vram

surface 1680x1050 32bpp

Score -> 11290

FPS 582.0 1152 triangles
FPS 205.0 332928 triangles
FPS 100.0 839808 triangles
FPS 50.0 1843200 triangles
FPS 20.0 5018112 triangles
FPS 10.0 10839168 triangles
[Version 1.60]



Pietro-Cristofoli reviewed on 24 Feb 2006
Best GPU (only) bench so far ...
[Version 1.50]


scatterbraine commented on 24 Feb 2006
Dual 2.5GHz G5
GeForce 6800 GT DLL
23" Cinema Display
1920x1200 32bpp

FPS 1397.0 1152 triangles
FPS 100.0 968832 triangles
FPS 79.0 1254528 triangles
[Version 1.50]

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mitch_de replied on 24 Feb 2006
low triangle values are not interersted.
The may thing is how much tringles you got lat last (9 FPS).
Or the result value (8500 1500, yours maybe 6000)


mitch_de reviewed on 24 Feb 2006
Great, near CPU independent GPU Render Bench.

Dont look at the startup window FPS - to small , to less triangles.

Real Results interesting you, you will gett by running the "Run Benchmark" (Menü Openmark).

The Openmark counts with thr "Run Benchmark" how many triangles can be computed by the GPU/VRAM Speed until 9.0 FPS is reached - in fullscreen.
[Version 1.50]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Jan 2005
Loads up ok and can use the scrollwheel to change the interactice sphere test fine.

But run benchmark and Boom. The Application OpenMark has Unexpectedly quit.

oh well.

Interesting app. Would be nice to offer some tests that are no so CPU bound as well like some of those ATI demos and screen savers which eat virtually no CPU.

10.3.7/1 Ghz G4/Radeon 8500
[Version 1.30]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Jan 2005
ATI Radeon 8500 Mac Edition (64 MB)
Power Mac G4 466 (AGP 4x, I think)
[Version 1.30]

Mcphearsom commented on 27 Jan 2005
Dual 2.0GHz G5, 3GB RAM, Radeon 9800 Pro

FPS 680.0 1152 triangles
FPS 196.0 115200 triangles
FPS 94.0 259200 triangles
FPS 49.0 508032 triangles
FPS 25.0 1036800 triangles
FPS 16.0 1663488 triangles

Seems good but a bit useless without some 'official' results to compare to. Hopefully the X800XT I ordered will give much better results that I can compare to.
[Version 1.30]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Jan 2005
Ati Radeon 9200pci on G3 400mhz

1152 triangles = 523 FPS
115200 triangles = 42 FPS

whatever that means :)
[Version 1.30]

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Version Downloads:13,809
Type:Utilities : System
Date:11 Mar 2006
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 1.x):
Ease of Use:
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OpenMark is an OpenGL benchmark for Mac OS X. OpenMark tests the raw speed of the video card drawing a variable (automatic or user-defined) number of triangles and generates a screenshot and a text report of the results.

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