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Omikron Basic

24 March 2008

BASIC programming environment.


Omikron Basic... Scientists, engineers, students, and others are programming with Omikron Basic since 1985. Read about the benefits of this easy to learn programming language.

Omikron Basic was originally developed in the 80s to be used on ATARI computers. After that, it was mainly used by scientists and engineers to find solutions for complex and mathematically demanding problems. For example, this is how an extensive program to simulate climatic changes was created. One engineering office uses a program written in Omikron Basic to calculate ship constructions; an institute for differential geometry uses a program written in Omikron Basic to calculate solution curves and their graphical representation. The list is endless. With the appearance of Omikron Basic for Apple Mac, all of these complex applications are now able to utilize the enormous computation power of the PowerPC processor.

Omikron Basic is especially well suited for these demanding tasks, because it supports all important mathematical functions and even contains matrices and the ability to perform determinant arithmetic. Since all executing routines are written in the assembler programming language, a high executing speed of the compiled programs is the result.

At the same time, programming in Omikron Basic is as easy as one expects from a BASIC programming language. Just open a new programming window, type in the desired programming code and with just one mouse click ('Debug' or 'Compile & Run'), the program can be tested right away.

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