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28 November 2006

Edit resources in either data fork or resource fork.


Rezilla is a resource forks editor for the Mac. It lets you edit, create, modify, duplicate, remove resources contained in any fork (data fork or resource fork), copy, cut and paste them from a resource map to the other, drag and drop resources etc. It comes equipped with an hexadecimal editor. Resource maps can be exported in text, HTML, XML or DeRez formats. Rezilla can also compare two resource maps. Set properties via preferences. Edit using a Template Editor. Specific Text editor, Unicode editor, Bitmaps editor, Aete editor, Menu editor. Complete scriptability with AppleScript.

What's new in Rezilla

Version 1.1:
  • new plugin architecture to support the addition of third party editors
  • new image editor (implemented as a plugin) to display and manipulate image resources. It supports the following image formats:


  • new 'icns' editor to manage icon suite resources. You can create, modify, redraw, delete, etc. any of the bitmaps included in an 'icns' resource suite. Possibility of importing from or exporting to a ".icns" image data file. Possibility of exploding or imploding the contents of an 'icns'.
  • introduced resource pickers for displaying graphically and easily manipulating all the resources of a particular type. Pickers have been defined for the following types:

    'TEXT', 'MENU', 'STR#', 'MBAR', 'RID#', 'Mcmd', 'RidL', 'cicn', 'ICON', 'SICN', 'icns', 'PICT', 'PAT ', 'ppat', 'PAT#', 'ICN#', 'icl4', 'icl8', 'icm#', 'icm4', 'icm8', 'ics#', 'ics4', 'ics8', 'CURS', 'crsr'

  • new Plugins command in the File menu to get info about the plugins and rearrange their order
  • possibility of importing/exporting an entire resource map from/to XML
  • new Import command in the File menu to import data in some resource editors
  • XML export now correctly escapes the standard entities and writes in utf-8 encoding
  • new WCOL and LCOL tags in the Template editor for RGB colors stored on 2 or 4 bytes respectively
  • improved Unique ID algorithm: it now returns the first available value (above the current one) when calculating a unique ID rather than a random number
  • aliases are now followed for templates located in Application Support folders
  • improved edition of resource ID tags (RSID) in the Template editor. A dynamic popup offers the currently available choices.
  • added new templates for the Templates editor (there are now more than 400 templates)
  • improved clipboard handling of hexadecimal data strings
  • Tab key navigation through the fields of the Template editor's windows
  • extended AppleScript terminology to support plugins and pickers
  • more sample AppleScript scripts to demonstrate the new commands
  • many interface improvements...
  • many bug fixes...

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2 Reviews of Rezilla

24 May 2004
Version: 1.0.2a

Most helpful

This application would be even more useful if it considered the body of data as a data resource, as some editors do, instead of just ignoring it.
09 February 2016
Version: 1.1
When one tries to download, the link is broken. Rezilla can be downloaded from :
24 May 2004
Version: 1.0.2a
This application would be even more useful if it considered the body of data as a data resource, as some editors do, instead of just ignoring it.