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11 April 2005

Print selections on the screen.


Print It! allows you to print any section of the screen that you can see. Features include:
  • Print It! lets users instantly select and print anything they can see on their monitors -- even if it's not normally selectable -- and this includes any combination of text, pictures, and graphics -- literally, anything.
  • Print It! is a system-wide enhancement to OS X that runs in the background; there's no interface to have to learn or to get in the way.
  • A simple system-wide hotkey instantly invokes Print It!'s ability to select and print anything on users' displays.
  • A simple system-wide keyboard shortcut instantly brings up Print It!'s innovative contextual menu which provides instant access to Print It!'s many other advanced features. (Among the innovative featurs of this CM are its optional ability to remain visible so users easily can perform multiple/repeated actions, its ability to be dragged to any location on the Desktop, and its ability to remain visible when users drag their cursors off of it.)
  • Print It! provides WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) printing and includes support for previewing print jobs.
  • Print It! also works with the Finder, so it's easy to create Finder lists of anything and print them -- users even can add their own customized notes to Finder lists.
  • Print It! lets users instantly add notes and/or time-date stamps to anything they print, including pictures and graphics.
  • Print It! lets users -- even on the fly -- create print jobs by combining virtually an unlimited number of selections from anywhere and then printing them together. Additionally, users can add notes and/or time-date stamps to their selections individually and/or to their print jobs as a whole.
  • Print It! lets users select and grab whatever info they need from anywhere, including databases, spreadsheets, Web pages, email, AOL, online chats, newsreaders, word processors, PIMs, calender/appointment programs, Quicken and other financial software, and virtually anything else -- you name it!
  • Print It! lets users instantly create subreports from FileMaker, Quicken, Excel and literally any other program by allowing them to instantly collect and combine just the info they are looking for -- even across multiple applications. (Users even can add their own notes and time-date stamps to their collected data/subreports.)
  • Print It! is a powerful tool for collecting any type of data when doing any type of research, whether for school, work, or personal use.
  • Print It! protects users' data by providing them with the option of automatically saving it so they can continue working with their print projects at a later time.
  • Print It! enables users to print any material from any programs that can't print their own data.
  • Print It! also saves users money because it eliminates wasting ink/toner and paper printing material they don't need and because it makes users more productive when using their computers.

What's new in Print It!

Version 2.1:
  • Print It!'s Auto-Scaling Guide now also works for the Landscape mode.
  • A new preference item has been added that enables you to set the default display for the Auto-Scaling Guide to show values for either the Portrait or the Landscape mode.
  • The visual and audio feedback/alerts now can be set to work for either the Portrait or the Landscape mode.

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