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  • RapidWeaver Themes 2.1 has been discontinued
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    Dave Cantu
If you love RapidWeaver 2.1 but wished more themes were available, download this FREE 5 Theme pack.

More themes available at RapidWeaverThemes.com !
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ver. 9.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 04 Aug 2004
DO NOT buy the 'Flash 3 High Tech' theme. Cost me $9 to find out that doesn't work and they don't even reply my email to resolve this matter. I'm now stuck with a piece of TOTALLY CRAP for $9. Please, Mac users are nice people, so don't sell things that doesn't work. I can donate $90 to you if you really need money, but DO NOT cheat and ignore your paid customers. I have proof of purchase thru PayPal.

This is the one NOT to buy:


It major sucks.
[Version 9.0]

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Antoniong commented on 22 Jun 2005
I fully agree!

RW is a great product but this theme selling company sucks or better said swindles!

Anonymous reviewed on 31 May 2004
Rapid Weaver is a wonderful tool for HTML beginners thru pro's and is simplicity itself to use. If by chance John Allsopp and Daniel Counsell ever meet and decide to collaborate on a software package, it will be bigger than Dreamweaver and GoLive put together.
[Version 7.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 May 2004
The rapid weaver theme packs all contain a bogus text file on how to install the extras themes: I think the editor can correct that now.

Rapid Weaver can be great if you already have some HTML code written somewhere, and you just want to add more eye-candy.

Building a full website with Rapid Weaver, total from scratch ? Impossible ... or with a big pain in the ass. RW is missing hundreds of little helpers. Just 1 example: automatic weblinks.

Actually, the one and only thing that RW can bring to you are the themes.
[Version 6.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Apr 2004
They're okay. I prefer the original themes by realmac software. They're much more professional and usable.
[Version 4]


Anonymous reviewed on 23 Apr 2004
Well as a person who can't draw a straight line, much less design a website, I love RapidWeaver and these themes are pretty neat!
[Version 1]


Anonymous reviewed on 23 Apr 2004
They are Themes for RapidWeaver (by realmacsoftware.com). Its a add on pack for RapidWeaver so i think it should be here.
[Version 1]


DamnDJ reviewed on 22 Apr 2004
Should this even be here ? I guess they are HTML themes for a website and very boring ones at that. It seems like a way to pimp the authors webpage to me.
[Version 1]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Apr 2004
Are they are themes for...? OS X / ShapeShifter? The Web? My favorite TV shows?

Developerz. Sheesh.
[Version 1]

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Anonymous commented on 22 Apr 2004
ya know, after checking the dev's website, i don't know much more now than i did before i checked it.
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Version Downloads:17,844
Type:Development : Editors
Date:16 Jun 2004
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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If you love RapidWeaver 2.1 but wished more themes were available, download this FREE 5 Theme pack.

More themes available at RapidWeaverThemes.com !

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