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Coupon Creator

30 March 2004

Create coupons, integrate them with your website.


Coupon Creator allows you to quickly and inexpensively, create electronic coupons that are dedicated to your products and services, and integrate them into your Web site.

Simple Text Updates Ð Coupon Creator allows anyone to update coupon text by simple selecting the coupon and typing in the changes. You no longer have to submit changes to an art department or ad agency, saving time and money!

Custom Designs At Low Cost -Ð You can create a variety of coupon and banner styles that are customized for your business. Coupon Creator's Template Editor makes it easy for anyone to create coupons and banners. As new styles are created, they become available to Coupon Creator.

Familiar Ð Your coupons will look like coupons, not HTML pages! Your customers can cut them out and use them in your store or by mail, or use the optional ID code when ordering online or by telephone. Each coupon can also have an HTML link associated with it to allow customers to go directly to the page describing the offer or, with appropriate coding, place an order directly in your shopping cart!

No Monthly Fee Ð Once Coupon Creator is paid for, there are no additional expenses because you create and edit the coupons on your desktop, not on a Òcoupon serviceÓ company's Web site.

Secure Ð Because your coupons are not on a third party Web site until you transfer them to your Web server, you can keep a whole library of offers for an entire year on your machine and know they will not be seen until you decide.

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