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06 December 2004

REALbasic tranparent window plug-in.


AFDragHandler is a new plug-in for REALBasic. It expands this development environment with translucent drags, drag, tracking, dragging to the Finder and more.

What's new in AFDragHandler

Version 1.1:
  • Added PinDrag method to AFDrag class, allowing to restrict drag operation.
  • Method ResetAllowedData, allows to reset the AFDragHandler control to not accept any drag.
  • AFDrag has a new event DropToFinder that allows to specify file content when dropped to Finder.
  • SetFile method of AFDragItem class, allows to specify an object that will be passed to DropToFinder event.
  • Added GetWindow method to AFDrag class to allow determining the origin of a drag.
  • ???? may be passed as parameter to AllowFileDrop method of AFDragHandler control to accept all files.

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