MacWalker Pro

1.0 20 Jan 2004

3D spinning G4 laptops screensaver.


Developer website: Softobe

MacWalkerPro is a screensaver that shows 3 three-dimensional laptops PowerBook G4 walking in a three-dimensional space, opening/closing the screen, and playing your own QT movies (mov, avi, mpeg...) on their screens. More, it lets you customize an RTF or RTFD text file and see it scrolling over the animation continuously. You can customize up to 9 RTF or RTFD files with any kind of fonts, size, colors, styles, shadows and pasted graphics.

What's New

Version 1.1:
  • MacWalkerPro can play a movie chosen by the user. Go to the "System Preferences:ScreenSaver" panel, select "MacWalkerPro" then press the button "Option" and pick from your disk the movie you want to play. You can chose any movie you can play with QuickTime (mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4...) Then mark the check-box "Run a Movie". While the animation is running, you can quickly activate/deactivate the movie pressing the key M. In order to get the best performance we suggest to choose a movie large 320 x 240 pixels or smaller. Larger movies can slow down the animation. The duration of the movie instead doesn't affect the speed of the animation. You can even chose a one-our long-movie with or without soundtrack.
  • MacWalkerPro can run a scrolling RTFD text file over the animation. Continuosly. This could be useful to leave a message to all the people who will see your screen while you are away. You can customize up to 9 RTF or RTFD text files with your own strings and graphics. Then, while the animation is running, you can quickly select the text file to play over the animation simply pressing the keys from 1 to 9. Press the key 0 (zero) to don't show any text. Also you can select the text to play in the "System Preferences:ScreenSaver:Option" panel from the pop-up "Run Text File". The RTFD text files can contain any kind of fonts with custom size, colors, styles, shadows and any kind of pasted graphics. In order to preserve the transparence of the pasted graphics, we suggest to firstly save the graphic files as png format to the desktop, then to drag the png file onto the RTFD text window. You can edit the RTF and RTFD text files with TextEdit application.
  • The user can now include/exclude the spinning balls to/from the animation marking/unmarking the check-box "Include Spinning Balls" in the SystemPrefrence:ScreenSaver:Option panel. We suggest to exclude the spinning balls when the movie is running.
  • The unregistered copies can run for 10 times max. After that MacWalkerPro will run the animation for 10 seconds per time only. To register please go here.


Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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20 Jan 2004
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