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29 March 2020

Electronic circuit simulator.


MacSpice is an electronic circuit simulator. Circuit simulation is a way of building and testing virtual models of electronic devices. It is usually cheaper and quicker to simulate a design than to build a prototype. MacSpice uses a text-file 'netlist' description of the circuit as input. This is a list of components and the nodes they connect to. Users may prepare netlists with a text editor, or derive them from a circuit diagram using a third-party schematic-capture application. MacSpice then builds a numerical model of the circuit and analyses this.

A command interpreter (shell) is used to specify the types of analyses that are required and how the results should be processed, saved or displayed. The high quality of the MacSpice command interpreter makes the automation of tasks straightforward.

MacSpice runs on Intel architecture Apple Mac computers. It is compatible with Berkeley Spice 3f5 but incorporates many improvements - from simple bug-fixes to entirely new commands, algorithms and solution strategies. For example: the memory leaks that affected Spice 3f4 have been cured; new algorithms have been developed to facilitate the simulation of large circuits, and to reduce simulation time; MacSpice provides a robust multi-parameter optimizer and facilities for inter-process communication with other applications.

What's new in MacSpice

Version 3.1.24:
  • Refinements to choice of linear grid tickmark positions by plot command.
  • Handles invalid values of 'xdelta' and 'ydelta' argument for plot command.
  • Add ':' to the list of characters that may appear in variable names so that expressions such as '$&v(vss:10:2)' work as expected.
Bugs fixed:
  • B-source identifies token responsible in syntax-error message.
  • Parsing of B-source expressions involving constants 'e' and 'pi'.
  • Re-enable 'nodesets' command.

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4 Reviews of MacSpice

29 November 2011
Version: 2.10.29

Most helpful

please merge with Solve Elec
29 November 2011
Version: 2.10.29
please merge with Solve Elec
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02 September 2010
Version: 2.10.26
A huge, huge thanks to Mr. Williams for his continuing work in developing, documenting, improving, and supporting Spice on the Mac.
Karl Becker
31 January 2005
Version: 3f5 2.8
Works just as I hoped, and let me finish a homework problem just now that would have otherwise required me to take a twenty minute trip to the lab. Only thing that could be improved is better documentation - as in, easy-to-read PDF files written by a knowledgeable engineer. I'm trying to do some stuff with diodes and am at a little loss as to how to accurately represent them. I know this program is designed for people already familiar with spice, though, so I can't fault the program much. Great job! And freeware?! You win the prize for best software of my day!
11 December 2003
Version: 3f5 R6
This is the best program out there for you engineering majors. The alternative--get the emulator VPC 6.0 and a cup of coffee, then wait for your simulations to run.
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