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Platinum classic ShapeShifter theme.   Free
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  • Gershwix has been discontinued
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Gershwix - The Alternative Platinum is a theme for people who still feel uncomfortable with Aqua gummy controls.
What's New
Version 2.5: This is for ShapeShifter 2.4 and compatible Intel Macs.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, ShapeShifter 2.4 or later

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MacUpdate - Gershwix

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Gershwix User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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John-Sawyer-CJS commented on 31 Dec 2008
Gershwix 2.5 is NOT compatible with OS 10.5 or later, since ShapeShifter, which is required to install it, is not compatible with OS 10.5. I haven't seen anything from the Gershwix author as to whether he plans an update to make a version that will work with one of the Leopard theme installing utils, nor does it look likely that Unsanity will release a Leopard-compatible version of ShapeShifter.
[Version 2.5]


Davidpabian commented on 26 Dec 2007
I love Gershwix - for me it's the best ShapeShifter theme, the most elegant in interface and integrated features. Only wish the developer would fix the Crimson/Plum mixup. Otherwise perfect.
[Version 2.5]



O5220803 reviewed on 31 May 2007
The RIGHT theme for OSX! It's the best theme for OSX and should have been Apple's default for its OS! Fits the screen perfectly!
[Version 2.5]


eyekey commented on 12 Feb 2007
I really don´t know why so many people are so in love with the old mac os design. Maybe its because I was a Windows user back then, but i had to work with OS9 at the office. Really, I hated it.
Since OSX 10.4 I call myself a switcher and must say, this interface/optics are so beautiful/efficent (although I replaced finder with path finder).
I don´t understand why all you guys moum the old OS...
But you know what you do. :) Have fun!
[Version 2.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 Jul 2005
Basic. Pure. No BS.

Aqua lays on the eye candy a bit thick, so this is a refreshing alternative.
[Version 2.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 Jul 2005
I like it :)
[Version 2.3]


Vitalis commented on 08 Jul 2005
Too stripey, and you might want to add a really classic apple picture instead of the fully black one, but the buttons are alright
[Version 2.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 Nov 2004
blech, what a nightmare
[Version 2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 31 Mar 2004
Great. Simple and solid. Light and hard. I think this taste is what Mac OS X's UI should have been. Strong candidate for the best "Classic Theme."
[Version 2.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 02 Feb 2004
What's with the download? Gershwix is the only download that keeps unexpectedly quitting when decompressing with Stuffit. I downloaded it several times and can't get a complete decompress without it crashing Stuffit Expander.
[Version 2.0]

4 Replies

Anonymous commented on 06 Feb 2004
The same thing happened to me, anything wrong with that zip file?
Anonymous commented on 19 Feb 2004
It can be unzipped by just double-clicking the downloaded file on Mac OS 10.3. Having trouble with unzipping with StuffIt is because the zip file has zipped with Mac OS 10.3's "archive" function within its contextual menu.
Anonymous commented on 10 Mar 2004
If you can't open it with Stuffit (I couldn't), try a program called "DropExtract." That worked for me.
Anonymous commented on 29 Mar 2004
If it was compressed with BOMArchiveHelper, which is the default CoreServices app that for .zip files, and also the contextual menu function to archive a file/folder, then you should just try decompressing it with that. You've probably chosen to override it with StuffIt Expander for .zip files, and that's part of the problem. Just ctrl-click on the Gershwix .zip file, choose Open With and select BOMArchiveHelper.
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Version Downloads:5,570
Type:Utilities : ShapeShifter
Date:12 Feb 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 2.x):
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Gershwix - The Alternative Platinum is a theme for people who still feel uncomfortable with Aqua gummy controls.

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