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27 June 2006

Enhance control over Cocoa applications.


CocoaSuite is suite of utilities that enhance the ways in which you can control Cocoa applications. It allows you to:
  • Add new or reassign existing menu shortcuts
  • Execute any menu command through customizable Mnemonics
  • Execute any menu command via customizable mouse gestures
  • Use the track pad on your laptop as virtual scroll wheel or jog dial

Additional features:

  • A Text Snippets menu enables insertion of arbitrary text anywhere in your applications where text input is possible
  • A Scripts menu that lets you execute Scripts (AppleScript, shell scripts perl, python etc.) from your applications

All features can be mixed freely. For instance, you can assign a Menmonic to insert text into your application. Or use a Mouse Gesture to execute a script. The possibilities are endless.

CocoaSuite comes with English, Japanese, German and French localization, the manual is available in English and Japanese. If you would like to contribute an additional localization, please contact me.

What's new in CocoaSuite

Version 1.0.4: Work around another incompatibility with recent S.A.F.T. versions.

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