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Cut portions of MP3 songs, now has join feature.   Shareware ($10.95)
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MP3 Trimmer lets you cut off portions of MP3 files, fast and easy, without re-encoding. Normally, you would need to convert the MP3 file to an editable audio format, like AIFF or Wave, edit the file, save it and then re-encode to MP3 again.
What's New
Version 2.9.6:
  • Minor maintenance updates.
  • Fixes the broken Version Checker.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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MP3 Trimmer User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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DIEDI reviewed on 02 May 2013
It's a brilliant app unfortunately totally unsupported. No answers to repeated emails over weeks. Registered and got 1 day out of it. Can't give it stares because I can't use it.
[Version 2.9.6]



Macaccro reviewed on 06 Apr 2013
Simple and beautiful!
[Version 2.9.6]

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DIEDI replied on 18 Apr 2013
I bought this about three weeks ago and I agree simple and beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for. But the day you posted this, and I do remember well it was my birthday. :lol: It stopped working. When I try to open it just bounces in the dock . Have sent emails , no response :( I want it desperately!! I have spent hours trying to find something that works the way this does. If anyone has any tips I would love them. Have reloaded multiple times.

Jaws3 reviewed on 20 Oct 2012
v2.9.6 Caused some freezing on Lion requiring Force Quit. No data was lost however. Worth the price
[Version 2.9.6]



Taaminator reviewed on 28 Aug 2010
MP3 Trimmer has many features, it's very easy to use, it is excellent value, and, it's as stable as a rock.

MP3 Trimmer joins multiple MP3 files.

AHP2 recorded a 4.3 hour event, but it broke the recording into two parts.

MP3 Trimmer has "MP3 Joiner". Open MP3 Trimmer, select "Tools">"MP3 Joiner", add files, check the order, add as much or as little info as desired (for the output file), select "Select Target Folder" and name, and, a few moments later, you have a single (joined) MP3!

If you do any audio editing, MP3 Trimmer is a must have.
[Version 2.9.5]



Doug Engelbart reviewed on 14 Aug 2009
When I used this great app for the first time, it always showed CRC errors after saving a trimmed MP3 so that I thought the file is not saved at all. But it is saved! And functioning! You can ignore the CRC errors. But: For the next version I wish some more words in the error message saying that this can be ignored.
[Version 2.9.1]


MisterE commented on 16 Jan 2009
Love this app. Works great with all the textbook audio I have to manage.

The recent version 2.8.8 is shown as version 2.8.9 in the Get Info window and the About MP3 Trimmer window.
[Version 2.8.8]


aljuk commented on 12 Nov 2008
I must apologise for the inaccuracy in my review (see below). MP3 Trimmer DOES have switchable fade algorithms (I didn't realise the icons are switches).

Awesome. I've been editing out the dialogue and announcements from the music podcasts I subscribe to and the app is perfect. Great drag n drop too...
[Version 2.8.56]



aljuk reviewed on 08 Nov 2008
This is a very efficient app for top and tailing mp3s and adding auto-fades. It's entirely intuitive, quick in operation and a great solution. Highly recommended.

As a feature request I'd like to see some switchable auto-fade algorithms. The algorithm in use is a bit linear, and not very natural (ie. the tail is too long) at short settings. That addition would make this app perfect.
[Version 2.8.5]



thomanjones reviewed on 24 Sep 2008
After trying a few mp3 joiners, this one is the best. Slick interface, works as advertised.
[Version 2.8.5]



Rubaiyat reviewed on 20 Feb 2008
I've used this wonderful app since almost it first hit the Mac's desktop.

It is the best utility for cropping MP3s and joining multiple MP3s into one file. Despite its quirks it is still the fastest and most straight forward method of doing this.

Fission has some good features because it is more visual and handles other audio formats, but MP3 Trimmer seems less sluggish and certainly less confusing. You can never be sure where a drag and drop ends up in Fission and once it is in there is no clue as to the original file.

A few draw backs. The Joiner scrambles the file order when dragged from List view, you need to drag from column view. Reordering within join is clumsy. The joiner also hides the file name whilst joining and needs to be closed and reopened for every join. There is really no way to batch process. files.
[Version 2.8]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.


Mammut rated on 23 Nov 2013

[Version 2.9.6]


Josart rated on 04 Apr 2013

[Version 2.9.6]


DirkTheMenace rated on 08 Apr 2012

[Version 2.9.6]


MetroMrX rated on 05 Apr 2012

[Version 2.9.6]

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Type:Multimedia Design : MP3
Date:05 Apr 2012
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $10.95
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MP3 Trimmer lets you cut off portions of MP3 files, fast and easy, without re-encoding. Normally, you would need to convert the MP3 file to an editable audio format, like AIFF or Wave, edit the file, save it and then re-encode to MP3 again.

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