6.4.4 15 Aug 2014

Professional media encoding application.


Developer website: Telestream

Episode is a powerful cross-platform desktop media encoding application for Mac and Windows. It offers the highest quality and fastest desktop encoding for content repurposing for distribution to Web, DVD, mobile phones and portable devices. Includes: extensive format support in/out including superior quality Flash 8/9 encoding, presets and filters, watch folders, batch processing of 25 jobs and Compressor plug-in.

Format Flexibility

  • Current and emerging video & audio file format support: SD & HD, in and out
  • Import virtually any file format, including broadcast/professional formats
  • Encode to WM9, VC-1, Flash 8/9, H.264, MPEG-1/-2/-4, DV, 3GPP/2, M4A, MOV, QT and much more
  • Fastest encoding speeds available in a desktop encoder
Ultimate Quality
  • Optimized codecs, filters extensive fine-tuning compression capabilities allow you to generate the highest-quality media files
  • Superior Flash 8/9 quality included
Easy to Use
  • Intuitive user interface with powerful preview window
  • Predefined or customized encoding settings for beginners & pros alike
  • Watch folders for automated encoding
  • Batch processing of up to 25 jobs
Scalable: desktop to server solution
  • Upgrade to Episode Pro to get advanced professional formats and increased capacity with unlimited batch processing
  • Upgrade to scalable server-based Episode Engine with ultra-fast job processing for high-volume, time-critical workflows

What's New

Version 6.4.4:
  • Added the ability to choose GOP size for Split and Stitch, Will force the number of frames in a split to
  • be divisible by the number selected.
  • Replaced the monitor code to optimize it and give it better stability.
  • Improvements to status across networks when joined by IP.
  • Fixed so that monitors that are active always show up as active.
  • Updated MXF to handle more input files.
  • Updated H.264 encoder to fix 10-bit 4:2:2 encodings.
  • Updated the ProRes encoder and decoder to improve stability.Copyright © 2014 Telestream, Inc. June 2014 2
  • Fixed channel order for QuickTime surround sound input files.
  • Fixed Quality Slider for MPEG-2 encodings.
  • Added switch to enable/disable SDSM and ODSM tracks in MP4-files.
  • Fixed so that renaming an encoder task won’t cause a duplicate on Mac.
  • Fixed so that SMB Deployment gets the right name on Mac.
  • Added x264 to Episode, Episode Pro and Episode Engine (no longer requires separate license)
  • Added Execute tasks, Image sequence imports, and mail tasks to Episode Pro and Episode Engine (no
  • longer requires separate license).
  • Fixed amount of memory reported on Windows.
  • Fixed the version number reported by CLI and XML-RPC


  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • QuickTime 7 or later


Current Version (6.x)


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15 Aug 2014
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