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Export pictures from iPhoto to Gallery.   Free
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iPhotoToGallery allows you to export your pictures from iPhoto to Gallery simply and quickly with the iPhotoToGallery plugin.
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Version 0.67: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
  • Intel/PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • iPhoto 2.0 or later
  • Safari 1.0
  • Gallery 1.3 or later

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ver. 0.x:
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iForgot reviewed on 28 May 2008
Works as advertised, and even provides the source to hack on!

Todo: add ratings support...
[Version 0.67]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Jun 2005
When it works it works great. I'm currently getting an export failed error code : 403. I will try contacting the developer.

As far as how do you access the export? Go to the export option under the menus then select the gallery tab....
[Version 0.61]

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Anonymous commented on 12 Aug 2005
Did you get it to work? I get error code 1001.
Worked yesterday though. Strange...

Anonymous reviewed on 02 Mar 2005
Hey! I'm using Iphoto 5 but nothing happens here!! Is there an icon in iphoto to mke the like to gallery? I don't see anything !! I love this program though, but I just want to use it under iphoto too!
can anyone help?
[Version 0.52]

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Anonymous commented on 26 Mar 2005
Go to the share menu and click 'export'. You will now see a Gallery tab.

Anonymous reviewed on 16 Dec 2004
Just great tool that saves so much time. Very thanks!!
[Version 0.51]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 Feb 2004
This simple piece of software is incredible. It saves me three steps (export from iPhoto, scp to server, import through gallery). I've tried teaching several people how to use Gallery and uploading the photos has always been clunky. This software is simple, well designed and easy enough for my mom to use.

Seems to work perfectly with iPhoto 4 and Gallery 1.4.2

Please keep it free!
[Version 0.51]


Anonymous reviewed on 06 Nov 2003
I have tried 10-30 gallery type server software pkgs and Gallery is by far the best, most advanced and most intelligent Gallery software available. The iPhoto2Gallery plugin just makes it an absolute dream to work with Gallery. I highly recommend iPhoto2Gallery!!! This is the type of stuff that often costs $100's... and its all free. The only thing I dislike about iPhoto2Gallery is it is rather slow in uploading files to your gallery. Then again - iPhoto can be rather slow in itself too.

If you haven't checked out Gallery - be sure and do so.


Its not the easiest thing to get installed on a Mac, as several external components are required and they have to be compiled using the developer tools - but it is well worth the time and trouble to get it running and the Gallery community is always wiling to help newbies.
[Version 0.4]


Whit_g had trouble on 18 Jul 2007
I'm not having any luck with it - it's giving me the ambiguous '1001' error when it tries to connect. I verified that 'exec()' isn't being disabled and I setup a second user as an admin. No dice. This is using Gallery 2.2.2.
[Version 0.66]

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Date:06 Sep 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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iPhotoToGallery allows you to export your pictures from iPhoto to Gallery simply and quickly with the iPhotoToGallery plugin.

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