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14 November 2007

Create fonts from pictures and more.


ScanFont is a tool for creating fonts from pictures. Photos, handwriting, clipart, etc. - anything that is in bitmap format or which can be scanned can be used by ScanFont to make glyphs in a font. SF4 is a plug-in and requires either TypeTool or FontLab font editors to output TrueType, Type 1 or OpenType fonts.

What's new in ScanFont

Verison 5.0:
  • Support for grayscale and color - from simple black-and-white to 32-bit color with smooth transparency
  • Direct import of EPS graphics - assists you in turning your Adobe Illustrator drawings into a font
  • Export of .vfb format fonts - for use in any font editor by Fontlab Ltd.
  • Transformations and filters - from Pencil to Gaussian blur
  • Advanced image-split algorithms - from Table to Book Smart Direct import of most image formats, including EPS, GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG and (on Mac OS X) PDF

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