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PowerDWG Updater

15 April 2004

Fixes all reported issues.


PowerDWG Updater addresses all reported and verified issues that Engineered Software encountered after the release of PowerDWG 6.

With PowerDWG, the translation from a PowerCADD document to a DWG document is as simple as choosing DWG as your format in the Save As dialog box. You will now be able to supply files designed in PowerCADD to others using AutoCAD without having to justify your choice of platforms.

What's new in PowerDWG Updater

Version 6.1:
  • Many improvements have been made to Paint Bucket tool operation and results.
  • Fixed crash related to window activations (and specifically the Layer Window update) via Apple Events such as dragging DWG and other files to the application icon or double-clicking on them in the finder.
  • Calculation of highlight and caret position for fonts with automatic kerning capability now operate correctly.
  • Fixed edit window causing scale to reset to 1:1 during drawing/edit window operations.
  • Setting black layer color is now consistent with other colors, changing the color of objects on that layer to black.
  • Fixed selection handles location when scrolled and using QuickDraw for display.
  • Select special filter for dash now functions correctly for solid line "no dash".
  • Fixed problems with default drawing scale on new layers added by paste through layers operations.
  • Fixed display of custom hatch patterns in symbol libraries.
  • Fixed units/scale for multiple selected dimension edit operation when dimension spanned layers.
  • Fixed update suggested spelling word list in "Spell Check" dialog under MacOS X.
  • Selection filter now remembers size/location across runs.
  • Setting for "show units" in dimension tools not affected by Drawing Setup dialog unless units support that feature.
  • Edit window display of parallel polygon line segments during creation fixed
  • Arrow edit dialog now allows length values for circle end types.
  • Various application preferences set to more optimal values.

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