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Athletic training log.   Shareware ($49.95)
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iSMARTtrain (formerly TrainingLog) is for storing and reviewing your athletic training. It is designed for use by multi-sport athletes, such as triathletes, but can be used equally well by single-sport athletes, such as cyclists and runners.
What's New
Version 3.0.9:
  • No longer crashes if preference are corrupt
  • Improved downloading from Polar FT80 and RS300x
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

MacUpdate - iSMARTtrain

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iSMARTtrain User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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Hendo commented on 26 Nov 2009
$50 for something iCal can do no problem??? Really?
[Version 3.0.6b15]

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Blloyd replied on 17 Dec 2009
I don't think iCal can download power data from an SRM.

At least, it didn't last I checked.
mickeyglidewellfy commented on 17 Aug 2009
Great little application. I love using it. It makes/keeps me motivated to complete the tasks i have set for my self for the month.
[Version 3.0.6b6]


xuxumatu reviewed on 14 Dec 2008
you can make a lot of more analysis with the input data but it lacks of performance analysis graphs and goals i prefer use mapmyride site and its free
[Version 3.0.5]


mlopes commented on 22 May 2008
Stu have done a great job ( and he is still having... ).
I´m a user for almost year and it is my primary log software.
Also, we are always suggesting something new to him in the forum. This exchange is very good for us and for software improvement.
[Version 3.0b38]

watchout commented on 14 May 2006
When this will support my Polar CS200, it will be the best day ever... No more booting the PC!
[Version 2.0.2]

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bertsch64 replied on 29 May 2007
When they support my Polar F55, I will be happy!

Anonymous reviewed on 12 Feb 2005
Downloaded v2.0 trial. Didn't seem to "Install" like most aplications. Was never able to open the sample heart rate file provided. This program is buggyand should still be in beta.
[Version 2.0]

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Otag Technologies Ltd (developer) replied on 18 Feb 2005
iSMARTtrain doesn't have an installer - like many Macintosh Apps, it's simply a case of copying the application to your local hard disc, as described in the ReadMe file.

Also, you need to import the sample .hrm file to view the data, not open it. This again is fully explained in the documentation.

Please contact us if you want more help.

Anonymous reviewed on 23 Jan 2005

This latest version is a nice improvement over the previous version but it still lacks the intuitive UI necessary for understanding this app.

The ability to use your Polar HM is a nice addition.

But the developer is definitely experiencing a runner's "high" if they think anyone is going to plunk down $45 dollars for this piece of BETA software. That's right, $45 dollars.

This app is unrefined and still in the beta, but the developer forces you to pay $45 to experience ALL of the features.

Avoid this app.
[Version 2.0b19]

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Anonymous commented on 06 Nov 2005
Well, I've downloaded it and paid my money cos' whatever you tested this is now awesome. It works on my seperate Mac and PC, hasn't crashed since I got it three weeks ago. That last reviewer should see the 2.02 and eat their (incorrect) words!.....

Anonymous reviewed on 23 Dec 2004
Great progam. it works perfect with my s625x
[Version 2.0b16]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Oct 2004
This latest beta is a real good one. I can use my Polar now, like I should use it on a pc. Nice work!!!
[Version 2.0b12]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Dec 2003
So much potential..but sorely lacking.

This is a log in the widest of definitions. While I can see the developer has a good idea going ...there is far more that needs to happen for this to be a "finished" program.

The Mac really needs a good physical training program, and sadly, this is not it.
[Version 1.2b5.1]

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Otag Technologies Ltd (developer) replied on 22 Dec 2003
Well, it IS a work-in-progress, hence the 'Beta' tag.

Contact us with your ideas, and we'll see if we can make a better product.
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Stuart Tevendale rated on 22 Oct 2011


Version Downloads:665
Type:Home Personal : Health and Fitness
Date:01 Feb 2012
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $49.95
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iSMARTtrain (formerly TrainingLog) is for storing and reviewing your athletic training. It is designed for use by multi-sport athletes, such as triathletes, but can be used equally well by single-sport athletes, such as cyclists and runners.

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