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15 January 2020

Provides interactive control over digital media.


Isadora is a graphic programming environment that provides interactive control over digital media, with special emphasis on the real-time manipulation of digital video. Since every performance or installation is unique, Isadora was designed not to be a "plug and play" program, but instead offers building blocks that can be linked together to intelligently respond to the live performer.

For those in the video production arena, an important new feature is Isadora's non-real-time rendering function. It allows you to interactively develop your patches, and then to go into non-real time mode to render its output to a QuickTime movie at full resolution and full frame rates.

What's new in Isadora

Version 3.0.7:
  • For computers not connected to the internet, Isadora no longer shows a dialog every two weeks saying that the license must be refreshed online if the license is perpetual.
  • Under macOS Catalina with the USB Key version of Isadora, the alerts that appear if the USB Key driver is not installed or if USB Key version is unlicensed now properly disappear when you click "OK".
  • Isadora 3 has been updated to use the NDI v4 SDK. Versions of Isadora 3 prior to Isadora 3.0.7 still use the NDI v3 SDK and as such cannot receive NDI from or send NDI to devices or applications that utilize new video formats found in NDI v4.
  • In the Deactivation dialog, Isadora now reminds users that deactivating a license on a specific computer does not cancel their subscription. If the user deactivates their license on a specific computer, they are reminded of this a second time and offered a button that will open a knowledge base article that explains how to cancel a subscription.
  • The Default Timecode Rate popup menu and the Isadora Preferences General Tab now show 29.97 instead of 30DF (30 fps/drop frame) to make its meaning clearer.
Actor improvements:
  • Isadora 3.0.7 restores the ability of the Keyboard Watcher and Key Table Watcher to respond to the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Home, End, PgDn, PgUp, Ins, and Del keys, as well as all of the function keys (F1-F24) and other special keys like Return and Escape. You can also simply type part of the name of these keys to automatically enter the special values required to use these keys. Please remember that all of these keys have meaning in the User Interface. For example, if an actor is selected, using the arrow keys will move the actor and the Keyboard Watcher or Key Table Watcher actors will not receive them.
  • The Keyboard Watcher actor has a new output called 'key value' that displays the matched keystroke as a decimal number. The help text has also been updated to indicate that:
  • 1) Special keys are now entered by name (e.g., 'right-arrow')
  • 2) Entering a range of 0-65535 allows the Keyboard Watcher to respond to every possible keystroke. (So you can *finally* trigger things in Isadora by having your cat walk all over your keyboard!)
Movie Playback improvements:
  • Isadora now successfully activates Scenes containing a Movie Player whose 'optimize' input is set to 'interaction' and whose loop parameters are set as follows: 'loop start' = 100%, 'loop length' < 100%, and 'position' = 100%
  • When the Movie Player's 'optimize' input is set to 'interaction', the Movie Playback no longer has a glitch when starting playback if the 'loop start' + 'loop end' = 100%.
  • The classic versions of all Movie Players, Projectors, Picture Players and Video In Watchers have been removed from Isadora. Note that when loading older patches, these actors are now converted to their more modern equivalents.
  • Under macOS Catalina, Isadora now correctly plays the media a file where the Classic Movie Players are updated automatically.
  • Under Windows, Isadora no longer continuously sends 'loop end' triggers when the 'loop enable' input of the Movie Player is off.
  • Movie Player actors playing GIF movies under Windows whose 'loop length' is less than 100% now reliably deliver the 'loop end' trigger at the end of the loop.
  • Movie Player actors playing GIF movies under Windows whose 'loop enable' input is set to 'off' now always reach the end of the clip (position output says '100%') and the loop end trigger will fire properly.
  • Movie Player actors playing GIF movies under Windows now respect the 'position' of the Movie Player when the movie is initially loaded for playback.
  • Movie Player actors playing GIF movies under Windows whose 'loop enable' input is set to 'off' and whose 'position' input is set to 100% now correctly deliver the last frame and do not continue to play. (In previous versions of Isadora 3, they would start from 0% and play until 100%.)
  • Movie Player actors playing GIF movies under Windows whose 'loop enable' input is set to 'off' and which have paused at the end of the movie (position says 100%) no longer generate a trigger if you change the speed.
  • Movie Player actors playing GIF movies whose 'loop enable' input is set to 'off' and that are paused because they have reached the end of the loop segment now correctly start playing again if the 'loop enable' is changed to 'on'.
Timecode improvements:
  • Isadora will now reliably convert a valid timecode string to a Timecode value for actors like the Timecode Calculator and Timecode Comparator. If a specific timecode frame rate has not been set in the actor, then the default timecode rate specified by the document will be used.
  • Isadora's timecode values can have either a specific timecode rate (e.g., 01:02:03:04/24 = 24 fps, 01:02:03:04/29.97 = 29.97 fps,) or can have a special timecode rate that means "use the default timecode rate for the current show." In previous versions of Isadora, Timecode values that used this default timecode rate would display that default rate for the show after the "/". This created confusion because this value could easily be mistaken for a specific rate. Now, when this special default rate is used, the timecode rate will be displayed as XX (e.g., 01:02:03:04/DEF) to clearly indicate the use of the default rate.
  • When a string is automatically converted to Timecode, the frame rate portion (after the '/') is now used as part of the conversion, ensuring that the frame rate you specify is passed on to the Timecode input value.
  • The Timecode Comparator no longer sends both the 'true' and 'false' triggers simultaneously if you are feeding the same Timecode values into both inputs and the operation input says 'eq'.
Bug fixes:
  • The Edit Text control in Isadora's Control Panel no longer sends two notifications to linked actors for each character pressed. In previous versions of Isadora 3, this could have caused the linked actor to output twice, e.g., if Edit Text control was linked to the input of an OSC Transmit actor.
  • Isadora 3 no longer sets the value of an actor's input property twice when typing a value into the user interface. In previous versions of Isadora 3, clicking an input property value, typing a new value, and hitting return would actually send the value to the actor twice. This could cause double-actions when they were not intended. For example, entering a value into an OSC Transmit.
  • Isadora no longer crashes when opening an patch whose Actor Processing Mode was set to 1.x Compatible and that contains Keyboard Watcher actors.
  • The Live Drawing actor no longer becomes unresponsive if you toggle the 'fade' input off and then 'on' while drawing.
  • A typo in the help for the 'operation' input of all Calculator actors has been fixed.
  • A typo in the help text for the 'offset' input of the Video Delay was fixed.
  • A typo in the help text for the crossfade feature was fixed.

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06 March 2015
Version: 2.0.5

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Great software, great support
27 May 2018
Version: 2.0.5
t has been updated a few times since 2015... last update in 2018 is 2.6.1
06 March 2015
Version: 2.0.5
Great software, great support