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Create multi-language (PHP, ASP, Perl) scripts for HTML forms.   Shareware ($30.00)
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Forms To Go is the Swiss army knife for Web developers who wants to create HTML form to email scripts in PHP, ASP and Perl. Advanced form field validation, accept file uploads in your forms, send emails in HTML format, dump field values to databases, secure your script against spammers and form hijacking and email injection, send confirmation emails and more.
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Version 4.5.4: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
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ver. 4.x:
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Jason818 reviewed on 30 Aug 2013
I must say I took a risk and bought this app after reading some great reviews about it. Please take noticed the reviews were a couple of years old when the app was in support. I payed with credit card had no issues getting a license key. For and app that is not in support is the best 30 bucks I have ever spent. I made 3x my money creating a form for a client and using this to process my form and create my php sent email file. App has not crashed or have I found any bugs. This app would be great for another company to buy and built on top of. I love that I can design my own forms and use this to process the back end of my forms.
[Version 4.5.4]


Mammut commented on 11 Jan 2013
I purchased Forms To Go but haven't received the serial number. Also Bebosoft's customer support don't reply to emails.
[Version 4.5.4]

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Michaelpalacio replied on 18 Feb 2013
@Mammut: I'm curious to find out if you have received your s/n and support emails from Bebosoft since I was planning to purchase Forms To Go 4.5.4 as well. Support is important to me since you "marry" your forms builder. Kind regards and thank you for your input, Michael

Mammut replied on 18 Feb 2013
@Michael: I got a refund through PayPal. I think Bebosoft has closed down...


Dameian reviewed on 18 Feb 2010
This is a fantastic little tool for webmasters. $30 is a drop in the bucket compared to the time and effort this will save you if you need to create custom web forms with any given frequency. For me, this little app has already paid for itself with its first use.

Just to make clear - it does not actually create the html form itself. You need to be html savvy enough to write the form it will use a the front end. What this program does is take your form and deal with all the behind scenes dirty work in a very fast and efficient way.

I have one particular client that stages various events and each event needs a custom registration form that suits the requirements of particular event. In the past it would have taken me roughly an hour to get a moderately complex custom web form set up for them with proper validation, recaptcha, mysql data dump, etc. Now I just create my form layout in Coda or TextMate exactly to the client's specifications, run it through Forms to Go, and I have a fully validated form complete with a data dump and way for my non-technical clients to view the data online in less than 20 minutes.

I only have two gripes and they tend to be relatively minor (at least to me):

Perhaps a more friendly one-window wizard type interface similar to ForeverSave would be better than the piecemeal menu driven setup which tends to be a bit clunky at first. Honestly, however, once you run through it once this becomes a very minor grievance.

Second - Clicking "User's Guide" in the help menu does not take you anywhere. The Quick Start guide does work properly, but does not provide near enough detail for a geek like me. I did hunt down the help pages online, but somewhat ironically, the topics I actually wanted to research (How it works, Validation options) did not display due to php errors. For anyone who is savvy enough to be building web forms this may not be a big deal. It certainly did not impede my ability to use the software and get value out of it. I just like for my help documentation to actually be there if/when I need it.

Those minor issues aside, this is a very good utility that will save you lots of time and trouble if you ever have to deal with a custom web form!
[Version 4.3.1]


Johnboy71 commented on 11 Feb 2010
It's a great application. Too bad you have to pay $15 every year to upgrade. Guess I'll stick with my old version.
[Version 4.3.1]


Programhappy commented on 22 Oct 2009
Does 4.2.3 fix the phantom attachments problem?

"I'm having an odd problem. Every email that I received displays the paperclip icon, whether or not there is actually an attachment. If there is actually an attachment, it comes through fine. If there isn't actually an attachment, the paperclip icon simply disappears upon selecting the message. How can I fix it so that the only emails that display the paperclip icon are the emails that actually do have an attachment?"
[Version 4.2.3]

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Gfarese (developer) replied on 29 Oct 2009
Version 4.2.3 fixes a problem when processing HTML forms which contained spaces or other invalid characters in the field names. Version 4.2.4 fixed a problem introduced in 4.2.3 that could not process HTML forms which contained extended characters.

Regarding the phantom file attach, please leave a message in our tech support help desk to make sure that bug is reported with the detailed information so it can be fixed.



Kuphd reviewed on 14 Oct 2009
Forms To Go has to be the best software I've ever purchased. It makes creating email forms super easy. No need to learn coding with this app. Open your HTML form, a few clicks and you're ready to go. And now it's even got CAPTCHA!
[Version 4.2.2]



Huckleberry reviewed on 12 Jul 2008
I've been using Forms 2 Go for a few months now, and this is an extremely staightforward, easy to use robust little program that quickly and concisely creates PHP, Perl, and ASP scripts, including Data dumping into Databases. I was a total PHP MySQL idiot, but this program has helped me grasp the language through handy notes in the script.
Any problem encountered, which was always to result of my PHP/MySQL ignorance, was quickly and easily solved by the online forum and customer support.

In fact, I was pushing the limits of the application, and looking to do something that it could not, and the Customer Support service took my question head on, 1 to 1, and created the script I needed, all while gracefully putting up with my ignorant questioning! They may have had some Customer Support issues in the past, but these have been fully resolved. Responses on Forums were very quick and extremely helpful.
Outstanding service, outstanding program.
I would fully recommend to any business, Newbie, Oldie, Seasoned....Everybody. Thanks Forms to Go!

Their Support service is 2nd to none, including Disney.
[Version 4.0.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Apr 2005
Brilliantly simple to use. No support needed.
[Version 2.6.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Feb 2005
This is a very foolproof, user-friendly app. It took me ten minutes to learn it and get my work done. It doesn't require any scripting knowledge at all.
The demo works just fine but if you want all functionality (database support and etc), the price tag is totally worth it!
Keep it up guys!
[Version 2.5.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 Jan 2005
This little app rocks.

I've spent the better part of a day trying to get numerous PHP & CGI scripts to take the data from a form & process it and format a simple text email. All of them were total overkill.

Between downloading this app and having my finished email in my inbox was about 20 minutes.

The only weird bug I found was that it would not recognize the 'email' field in my form. A few minutes of hand coding solved it just fine.

Well worth the price they are asking.
[Version 2.5.9]

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Date:08 Mar 2011
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Forms To Go is the Swiss army knife for Web developers who wants to create HTML form to email scripts in PHP, ASP and Perl. Advanced form field validation, accept file uploads in your forms, send emails in HTML format, dump field values to databases, secure your script against spammers and form hijacking and email injection, send confirmation emails and more.

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