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Decompile ActionScript & Flash animation.   Demo ($59.00)
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Gordon Flash Decompiler includes an impressive list of features to decompile and edit Shockwave Flash movies. Gordon decompiles all ActionScript and accurately displays all movie elements of a published SWF file. With Gordon you can edit Shockwave Flash movies without having access to the original FLA project. Vector graphic, bitmap image and sound data can be exported to the most common formats including PDF and TIFF. Gordon converts SWF to FLA.
What's New
Version 1.7.5 addresses issues related to performance, improves overall stability and compatibility with Mac OS X v10.5. This free update is highly recommended for all users of Gordon Flash Decompiler.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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illroy88 commented on 15 Feb 2008
This is Still! not a very useful tool, you would think that version 1.7.4 would do a better job than it's predecessors, but it still only offers a false sense of hope at best. The futurecandy.com domain is for sale by the way! I hope no one sent this guy money!
[Version 1.7.4]


jtk1980 reviewed on 30 Aug 2006
I've tried to use this software to rebuild my own fla files after a data loss emergency, and it really is not useful for this purpose. It seems to flatten all of the timelines into one timeline with an enormous number of layers, which makes it extremely hard to find code or to work with complex objects. It basically just makes a mess of everything. The best I could say for it is that it has allowed me to get access to some of the bitmaps used in the original fla, to use when rebuilding the site from scratch, which, unfortunately, still seems necessary. And it is too expensive for the level that it functions at. If it were freeware, or even, say $20-30, and this were the best it could do, fine, but...
And, yes, a product like this that WORKED would be quite valuable, easily a couple of hundered dollars, but this just doesn't, and isn't.
[Version 1.6.5]


maclover1.1 commented on 01 Jul 2006
Same thought as 2 posts below: TOO RESTRICTED TO EVALUATE. AND IT'S NOT LIKE IT COSTS 10 BUCKS SO I WANNA KNOW WHAT I'M DEALING WITH. Plus no update for a long time.... Meanwhile "SWf 2 flash converter version .azillion" works more or less well, depending on files, I guess any decompiler/can openers will fault at some level but they can be helpful without opening every can.

[Version 1.6.3]



~s reviewed on 21 Feb 2006
Gordon is an interesting app, but still isn't able to save back modified ActionScript (some times, you would simply substitute on-the-fly a play() with a stop(), instead of the long process of blah, blah, blah).

Converts to .fla, true, but some times in un-usable format. At least with some test files (a bit complex movies; otherwise, they wouldn't require conversion), it doesn't create interpolations, problems with groups, random shapes, masks, positions of items...
[Version 1.6.3]


macrulz reviewed on 05 Feb 2006
I have been evaluating this software for some time now and so far the Interface still needs some work,

(understanding that a developer needs to retain some control over a demo app, the limitations in the demo version seem to be so invasive that an effective evaluation is impossible)

a few points to the developer as he did offer to decompile and then return the fla file for review however this does not offer an evaluation of the actual software itself.

laying aside the controversial nature of some of the flames here, (and elsewhere)

finding a tool that will decompile a SWF and reassemble into a functioning FLA does can have some positive results in learning how FLASH files work for learning and for recovering from a loss of data, (taking content and decompiling for use is just not right, however FLASH by its very nature is open)

so if you have a problem with decompiling (as seen here in some comments)

I would suggest you take it up with Macromedia, (opps) thats ADOBE, now,

(what a joke)


I find this software still in need of some improvements perhaps if the software evaluation were more "open" save command in demo, ect,

I would be more interested in investing in a license, however currently the software seems to be less rather than more.

I personally would pay $200.00 or more for software that would work,

sadly, I have a closet full of such software,
( very expensive way to try it out )

and many here do as well, these days I have to see it work,

disabling the save function, (while I understand it)

still does not help sell the software, If I could actually "TRY OUT" the very function that is most interesting to me, I would be more interested in making a purchase,

however at this time I cannot recommend it.
[Version 1.6.2]

futureCandy (developer) commented on 09 Jan 2006
We offer a full refund to any customer who is not 100% satisfied with Gordon Flash Decompiler. All we will ask you to do, is send the file not converted correctly to support@futurecandy.com.

We greatly appreciate all suggestions for improvement and will be glad to resolve any issue in the next release of Gordon Flash Decompiler. Gordon Flash Decompiler was released over three years ago and since then all updates have been free for registered users.

We have decided to use PayPal's Instant Payment Method as our prefered way to purchase Gordon Flash Decompiler. Those who are new to PayPal have to register with PayPal first. Unless you make your purchase with an eCheck, which will be held as "Pending" for 3-4 business days, you will receive your registration code within minutes. This is an automated process. Please make sure to check the email address you used to register with PayPal.
[Version 1.6.2]


iGods reviewed on 07 Jan 2006
This guy's a rip off artist, whatever you do, don't give this guy money... the software doesn't work! (just try to change a link in the Actions... you can't save it!)

He knows this, too, and will NEVER return your emails.

Even worse, HE'S the one who fakes the glowing reviews in VersionTracker... what a lying bugger.

Here's his information, feel free to harass him to get your money back, but good luck, apparently there's no laws against this in Germany:

Bjoern Seeger
Lychener Strasse 6
Berlin, Germany 10437
+49 3044312339
Fax- +49 3044312338
[Version 1.6.2]

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futureCandy (developer) replied on 09 Jan 2006
Stop abusing the review system by making false accusations. This is not the place to engage in personal attacks and defamation. Your posting was already removed from VersionTracker.

We don't want any business relationship with you.

We issued a refund. (Ask Gregory Markel , he is the one who made the purchase)

Anonymous reviewed on 20 Oct 2005
It's unfortunate that we Mac people have to rely on such crappy software for these sort of tasks. There's just so much more out there on the Windows side. I bought this software over a year ago for my Mac - haven't found a SWF yet that it could do anything with.

These guys should be shut down. There software does nothing but take money from you.
[Version 1.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 Oct 2005
I wanted to like this. I was even willing to pay for something that would do this. I failed
Let me put this into perspective. I am a new Flash user, wanting to prepare materials for my own use in school. Yes, there are commercial products out there but they never quite meet the needs of my students - or me. So, having read an article in a professional journal I decided Flash was for me, and disassembling code would help me learn - not a rip-off!
I had problems from the start with things appearing as icons at the side but nothing on the stage. I contacted the developer ... and waited... and waited ... and waited. Finally a web search brought up SWF to FLA converter
They now have my money
[Version 1.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 28 Sep 2005
This program sucks. no support at all. $60.. please.... I cant believe this guy who made this is allowed to rip people off like this.
[Version 1.6]

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Type:Multimedia Design : Animation
Date:14 Oct 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $59.00
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Gordon Flash Decompiler includes an impressive list of features to decompile and edit Shockwave Flash movies. Gordon decompiles all ActionScript and accurately displays all movie elements of a published SWF file. With Gordon you can edit Shockwave Flash movies without having access to the original FLA project. Vector graphic, bitmap image and sound data can be exported to the most common formats including PDF and TIFF. Gordon converts SWF to FLA.

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